Blogging Goals for 2017

Hello Everyone!! This post is a fresh new start for me, as you can tell this is not my photography blog  (Don’t fret! I still am going to post on there and it will still be available for you to check out!!)  SURPRISE!!! I started a personal blog for my own memories and passion!!! I definitely want to grow more on this page than on my photography page because eventually I want to turn my photography blog into a website and I want to keep this for my blog posts. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to grow because I absolutely do.

With that being said, I wanted to challenge my self and write out 10 goals I have for my blogs in 2017.  SOOO… I wrote down 10 goals and I thought I would share so I was held accountable to at least try to accomplish them!! Lets Go!

One last thing… I have wrote these down in an order so that I started with 1 being the farthest fetched goal I made and then 10 is the easiest goal I made.

  1. I want to get at lest 1 paid partnership or possibly even have my blog become monetized. I know how crazy it sounds being that this is my very first post on this blog but this is not my first rodeo, remember folks I have had a photography blog for two years.
  2. I want to get at least 45 subscribers to my blog and I want to have an active subscriber community. Oh hey! Did you know that you can subscribe by entering your email at the bottom of the page and you’ll get an email every time I post or reply to you???
  3. Be able to post a successful Q&A post with a decent amount of questions. This one sounds easier than it is. I have currently ZERO subscribers/followers since I haven’t launched this site yet and it does take a lot of time and perseverance and consistency to grow. So this one will definitely challenge me and I’m so excited.
  4. Successfully be able to start a YouTube channel from this site. EEKKK!! This one is tricky being that I am a teenager and I’m a girl and the world is a CRAZY place now days and its scary for parents to just allow their little girl to post her face all over YouTube. So I have started this process of creating it, and I’m going to be honest I have a channel but there is no videos posted on it yet, but hopefully I will complete this goal by 12/17!!
  5. Grow on BOTH blog sites. I know it might sound like I am repeating myself but I promise I’m not. When you have a blog growing is not always about your subscribers, your views, money, or whatever you could put under the circumstances of “well known.” It is a lot of the time more about growing in your writing techniques and your presentation. So that’s what I mean by this goal, and I feel real good about completing it too!
  6. Posting more! Sounds super easy right?? Well… maybe it would be if I wasn’t a high school student it might be easier. Or if I wasn’t so easily stressed about school and just… life in general…… yeah I’m one of those people… But hey its all good!!
  7. Blog and Vlog my travels this year!! I want to do more traveling this year and just adventure the mountain towns I live around. Traveling is my time to reset myself and just think about my dreams and inspirations and I absolutely LOVE IT!! There for it makes a memory and blogging and vloging it lets me keep that memory for forever!
  8. Be able to upgrade my camera(s) this year. I have really wanted to do this for SO long but just haven’t been able to spend that much money on myself or simply have the money to do such. Cameras are ridiculously expensive and if I ever had an unlimited amount of money I would total have done this one years ago!
  9. Blog at least 5 DIY’s. I love making my own crafts and making things my self. My mom has since I can even remember has been a scrapbook, crafter, and jewelry maker mom.
  10. Subscribe to more bloggers and actually read their posts. lol I know that I can’t be the only person who follows someone on their social media and am slightly obsessed  with their social media and then a few weeks later I find someone else to obsess over. So I actually want to read them!!

And that’s all she wrote!! Or at least until my next post. I hope you enjoyed these and will help me achieve and complete these goals. Please, please subscribe and comment any questions you have for me or any tips or just say hey!! Thanks for reading and stopping by!!

Peace Out – Kiley


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