10 Things you Don’t Know About Me.

Hello everyone!! I wanted to do a fun little post so that you all can get to know me a little better. I didn’t want to just sit and write about myself and bore you all to death, so I came up with 10 random facts about me and I am going to share them with you!

  1. I love Jesus!! Big shocker right? Its so true though, I LOVE Jesus, I love learning about him, I love his word, I love it all!
  2. I am from Northern Michigan. I actually grew up until I was 8 in a little town in the outskirts of Travers City, Michigan.
  3. I wear bi-focal glasses and have worn them for a few years now. I am that blind and I’m only 17, yes I know that’s crazy but its true.
  4. I had Lazy eye muscle surgery when I was a little older then 12 months. Which is part of the reason why I have horrendous eye sight. I even sometimes can feel my right eye going lazy and loosing focus, weirdest feeling ever but the coolest at the same time.
  5. My best friends are actually not my age. About 95% of my friend group is actually a year younger than me and a whole grade younger. One of my closest Best friends is actually 2 years older than me and is a freshman in College. Would NEVER trade it for the world either!!
  6. I probably spend more time at my church and doing church activities than at my own house. I don’t mind one bit either and I love my church family!
  7. I moved to Virginia when I was 8 and have lived here ever since, I love Virginia but will always consider Michigan my home and will always hold a special place in my heart for Michigan!
  8. I have NEVER had a teacher confidently call my name on the first try. When ever the teacher calls roll on the first day and when they get to my name (if they don’t know me obviously) always stops and try’s to process it in their head before they call it out loud.
  9. I could drink coffee all day long!! I am a coffee addict and I love it. People might call me crazy because in the south you either drink half a cup of sugar and half a cup of cream or you drink straight black coffee. I love strong coffee with a little bit of half and half.
  10. I have two favorite candies. I love Sweet Tarts Mini Chewy and Swedish Fish.

And there you have it! Hopefully you learned something about me or you just laughed a lot at these! Haha. I hope you enjoyed this post and will stick around to read more!


Peace Out- Kiley

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