Places I Want to Visit

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to write down almost like a “bucket list” but I want to make a travel list for myself. I wanted to give myself 10 years so that I have time to save but I know in all reality and seriousness I won’t be able to visit every place I want to travel too.

So, the first place I want to visit within 10 years is Australia! I want to specifically visit Brisbane and I want to spend a day at Tengalouma Island where Scooby- Doo was filmed. I would also enjoy visiting Sydney and just doing some sightseeing and touring. My grandma got to tour and visit Australia so I would love to go and to take her back with me and to take and my mom would be the absolute ideal dream, but it just probably won’t happen.

The next place I want to travel too is Japan and I know that these top two are going to be pricey but hey it’s just a bucket list. I especially want to visit Japan because my Grandma and mom both got to visit Japan and I really want to carry on the tradition. I would specifically like to visit Okinawa and Tokyo. Okinawa has a lot of historic places and ruins to visit and Tokyo is a lot more city life and sight-seeing.

The third place I would love to travel to is London and some of Brighton. I really love the polite and traditional way of the English life that Europeans live. I specifically want to visit Brighton which is about an hour outside of London because it’s a cute little dainty town on the shore of the bay.

I want to also travel across the United States a lot more than I have already had the opportunity to do! I have had the opportunity to travel a lot more than any one my age has been able to do. I specifically want to travel a lot of California, I want to visit the beach in Los Angeles, I also want to do some traveling in New York and the North East.

I also would love to visit and tour Ireland. One of my favorite band is from Ireland and I had a close friend study abroad in Ireland a little bit and I was instantly jealous. Ireland is so beautiful and is so unique and interesting and I just love the culture. The music is so unique and so cool as well.

For right now these are all the places and spots I have had on a bucket list for years to travel too. I am sure as I get older and learn more about the history in the world I will want to add more places to this list. In all reality, if I am safe and can travel I will love to travel. If I had the opportunity to just travel for the rest of my life I would totally do it because I love it so much!! If you have any specific places you wish to travel in ten years leave a comment telling me where and why you want to travel there, or if you have been to any of the places I want to go, tell me if you enjoyed them or what was a must-see place!!


Peace Out -Kiley


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