What’s In My Purse

Hello everyone!! Today’s post is something you ladies who love bags will love! I love seeing what other girls carry with them daily. I am not the girl to carry a full purse or a lot with me to school. I normally carry a purse everywhere else though because I am an over packer and I just like to know I have everything I would need if something were to happen. So, I am going to show you my purse and share all the details with you and I’m going to show you how I keep everything organized! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you’re the girl who carry’s her wallet, keys, and phone into the store or a purse!!

This is my purse, it is from Charming Charlie! I absolutely love it! It is very spacious yet not so big that it hurts my back or digs into my shoulders! It has three zipper sections, the two outside sections have no pockets on the inside, but the main section has two “cell phone” style pockets and one big zipper pocket.

This section has a Thirty-One mini zipper pouch with some Ibuprofen, lotion, a mini flashlight, a hair tie and two bobby pins, and some sample sunscreen. I also carry my mobile phone charger.

This is the other side sections contains. I carry a notebook, my cheap knock off aviators, and my reading glasses.
My notebook was a birthday gift but I love it!! I love all the cool quotes and inspiring words on it.
My reading glasses are Kate Spade and were also a gift but I love them! The most comfortable pair of glasses ever!!
My sunglasses are from Five Below and are just typical aviator style. They aren’t the best quality but they work!

To save room I am putting the pictures in this order and to save your eyes and time. Ha-ha. This is all the stuff I keep in the main section (plus, ladies some lady essentials). I have my wallet (it’s also from Charming Charlie- Double Zip Around Wallet) and a pack of chewing gum.

In the smallest “cell phone” pocket I keep lip products and a pair of finger nail clippers. (top right picture)

In the larger pocket, I keep my phone and headphones along with a billion ink pens.


I hope you enjoyed reading the first post on this blog with pictures!! Finally, right? Ha-ha. Unbelievably it is harder to take pictures for a blog than you would think. If I could clone myself, it would help for sure! I am working on it though, hopefully I can get a bunch of blog post pictures taken and have them ready to put in a post.

I also wanted to mention that as of right now my upload days will be on Mondays and Thursdays. If you don’t see a blog post up on those days, please just bear with me as I am back in school and am starting physical therapy. So, I will probably be drowning in Drs. appointments and homework, so I will try my best to stay on schedule. If you follow me on twitter I will tweet when the blog will be up or if there won’t be one that day!!


Peace Out- Kiley Lewis


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