Don’t stop chasing dreams!

I was always told as a preteen to follow your dreams but be careful. Understandable, right? The thing that I didn’t understand was when I was being told to follow my dreams but then read a list the size of the Atlantic Ocean full of risks, do not’s and what if scenarios, was why are you telling me to do something you know I want to do but you don’t want me too. Either tell me go for it or let me dump the hate down the drain.
Being a photographer and running my own business has been my dream for years! I love capturing the beauty of others that they cannot see themselves. I love being able to restore self confidence in those girls and women who have been repeatedly told “You are not worthy enough,” “You are not beautiful,” etc. It has infuriated me that people would even begin to tell others that they are not worthy.
Running a business takes more work than people think and it takes a lot of money to get things off the ground. The beginning is the worst and the best. It is extremely hard and frustrating to build clientele, make money, etc., but it’s the most humbling and rewarding part. I have been told not to start my own business so many times and I’ve been looked up and down just to be told “you don’t look old enough to run a photography business.” When I’m told this stuff, my response is always something like “The lord leads you in ways you would never expect. He loves me more than ever and he wouldn’t lead me to something not beneficial to my life. I love what I do and it’s not easy and it won’t ever get easy, but does anything in life ever seem easy?”
I have been watching a young female photographer on YouTube the past week or so and she has been so inspiring for me. This girl made a really eye-opening point in one of her videos. She was filming a Question and Answer video and she was asked by a high school student who does photography something like “Any tips for beginner photographers?” This girls answer was to never give up and don’t pay any attention to those who can’t see the bright side of your life dream! I love that because she’s right! If no one can see the side of your dreams like you see them, they don’t have the right to be telling you those negative doubts.
Like I said earlier, God won’t put you through something in life that does not bring some sort of benefit to you. He loves us too much, he loves us more than even comprehendible! So, get up, get out there and prove those negative people in your life who are doubting you wrong!
Keep your head up my friend and keep showing people who are doubting you that they are wrong! Remember, YOU are loved more than you could ever imagine!!
Peace out- Kiley


S O C I A L  M E D I A 





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