Starting a Prayer Journal

Have you always wondered how everyone starts their prayer journals and how they stick with using it? Before I started journaling, I certainly wondered that. I was never really taught how to use a prayer journal, I had to teach myself. I am going to share some tips and tricks with you and I am going to show you my prayer journal.

IMG_8690Starting a prayer journal doesn’t have to be super fancy, organized, and top notch. The notebooks I have in the picture above are simply from Walmart! I think they were like $3 each. I always enjoy having a cute notebook for my prayer journal just because it keeps me motivated and because I take my notebook every where with me and I just want a nicer looking notebook.

I also find some super cute notebooks at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. If you do check out these craft stores make sure to look online for coupons!! I even know of some people creating a prayer journal binder and they just use loose-leaf and a binder. I personally like having things more compact and in one spot.

Okay so the first thing I even do when I sit down to start journaling is I write the Scripture I am reading through in the top corner. I also will write the name of the lesson if I am in bible study or Sunday school.

When I study or am in a bible study I don’t follow any method. I have tried the SOAP method and I have tried other study templates or methods but I just don’t like them. I feel like I’m not writing all of the stuff down I should be. Therefor, I simply just use bullet points. If I think ill want to remember something later or if I find something really interesting I just jot it down.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in your journal!! I LOVE doodling and I LOVE writing out the scripture or a verse that stands out to me. Hand lettering is one of my favorite things to practice in my journal. Get creative my friend!


I know when I first started journaling I never knew what to write down. My friends let me tell you something! Your journal is all you! You have to figure out what you need to retain or what sticks out to you! Write down silly things if you want to. No one will ever know because your prayer journal is only for you and God to judge. IMG_8695

The pens that I love using are the Pilot G-2 ball point pens and the Pentel RSVP pens. They write the smoothest in my opinion and they are really good for hand lettering. Especially the Pilot G-2 pens. I also will use Sharpies from time to time, they do bleed through easily and so I don’t tend to use them a lot.

I hope that this helps anyone who has really wanted to start a prayer journal but just didn’t know where to even begin. If you still have any questions about starting a prayer journal feel free to comment below or visit my contact page and send me a message! Also I will have all of my Social Media linked down below so feel free to follow me there!


Peace Out- Kiley

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6 thoughts on “Starting a Prayer Journal

  1. I have been prayer journaling for years and I love it. Im gonna try those pens you use. Sharpies really do bleed badly. 🙂


    1. I highly recommend the Pilot g-2 ones! Not only are they the smoothest pens I’ve ever used, they come in so many different colors too! I also love prayer journaling and people think it sounds so weird but in reality its not. I have notebooks for literally all of my activities I do. I have one dedicated to church and Jesus, Blogging and social media, so on and so on.


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