An Adorable Business With a HUGE Passion…

I am so thrilled to be making this post and to be able to share it with you today! Let me warn you first though, its a super long one, but its worth every minuet spent writing and reading it! I first want to start this post by saying Thank You! Thank You to those who have followed my blog, to those who have liked my posts, even to those who have simply read my posts! This week has been simply mind blowing to me! I have only been getting around 40 views per post in one week total, this week I have had almost 50 views on a daily basis!! Y’all I’m truly amazed and I feel incredibly blessed!! Thank you so much!!

Okay, so, now onto the really good stuff! I have had the opportunity to collaborate and interview with a super sweet young lady and her even more adorable business! Caitlin Childs is the CEO of All That it Seams. She is one of the most genuinely sweet people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Caitlin has created the cutest women’s accessories business and the best part of it all is that 10% of every purchase gets donated to a no kill animal shelter in need! I am a huge animal lover and I’m an even bigger supporter of giving back to those, four-legged, fur babies!

                      (This is Caitlin and Bruce! Caitlin is the one behind this really amazing                    mission! The sweet pup you see is her Co-Head of Security, Bruce! Bruce is the pup she mentioned to me the most and so I had to make sure he got a debut too!)

I can not wait to see her new Fall 2017 line, she tells us more about what to expect in that new line this fall! I can already tell you its going to be worth checking out!! Her accessories are absolutely darling and also highly functional so, I know with out a doubt her new fall items are going to be just as darling and just as functional! One of my favorite items on her website now is the Ashley! Its a simple yet stylish convertible tote/backpack and it comes in 4 adorable patterns and colors!

( The Ashley- Gray Diamond )       ( The Ashely- Aqua Stripe )

With out further a do here is one of the best interviews I have ever had the opportunity to conduct! Y’all, I seriously was so nervous about sending these questions off for no reason at all! Caitlin was such a pro at answering these questions and in depth at that! We talk about the beginning struggles, happy memories with our daddies and their sweet advice, saving a sweet fur baby, and all about her upcoming fall line!


  • Q: When did you start your business?

A:  I officially started my business in the fall of 2016. Even though the business is young, we have been blessed enough to receive a different celebrity endorsement with each product line launch. Things like that make me really excited to see where the business is going.

  • Q: How did you come up with the name “All That it Seams” for your business?

A:  I really enjoy puns and so I knew that I wanted the name to have a play on words. Once I came across that phrase, I just knew it was the one.

  • Q: When you first started your business, what was the most effective strategy for you to promote it? Did you see the best results by using social media, word of mouth, posting flyers in town, etc.?

A:  I feel like marketing the business has been one of the most difficult strategies to master, especially because every business professional seems to have different advice to give. Social media has definitely been one of the useful platforms for me simply because I do not live in the area of the country where my target market would normally be found, so I have to branch out and reach out to other parts of the country. Social media is the easiest way to do that.

  • Q: Are you married? Do you have any children? If so, how do you balance family time but still putting the long hours of work in? If not, how do you balance the time you spend with your friends and putting the hours working on your business in?

A:  I have been married for nearly three years now and my husband and I are currently expecting our first child. Whenever my husband agreed to let me stay at home and pursue this business full time, I got to make my own schedule which really helped with the work/life balance. I work while my husband is at work and then when he gets home, I call it quits for the day so that I can focus on my time with him. If there is ever a time where I have several orders to complete or lots of emails to answer, I can always wake up a little earlier to get my work done in time to spend the evenings with him.

  • Q:  Knowing that both of our dads are builders and both started their businesses from the ground up and we saw the struggles of growth first hand. Dads are usually always some of the best advice givers as it is, did your dad ever give you a piece of advice that has stuck with you and has made the biggest impact in the way you run your business? What was that piece of advice?

A:  From the time I was very young, my dad has instilled one lesson into my head over and over again. “Any job worth doing is worth doing right.” It didn’t matter if it was sweeping the floors of one of his new homes or helping my mom with the laundry. He taught me to take pride in every single job I do. I think that helped me tremendously in my business because with each product I make, I take the time to pay attention to the details and perfect them before I ever present them to the customer.

  • Q:  When you first started did you know what type of products you wanted to create and sell? Did you want to create the trendy products or did you want to create products with your own unique style?

A:  When I first got married, I accepted a job as a boutique manager. When I was in that position, I realized that in the women’s accessories industry, there were two categories: fashionable and functional. Those two categories never seemed to meet. Either you could choose from the same generic accessories that everyone else had, or you could choose something super stylish that was not functional at all. I wanted to bridge that gap. I knew that I was capable of creating products that were both useful in everyday life and yet allowed you to showcase your own sense of style.

  • Q:  Has your business always donated 10% of their profit towards no kill animal shelters or was it a difficult process to get started?

A:  We have always done that from the beginning. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I started the business. About seven years ago, my rottweiler, Bruce, showed up at my door. Shortly after, a neighbor called animal control on him and he was relocated to a local shelter. I knew I had to have him so I went to the shelter to officially adopt him. When I got there, I was heartbroken to see that this once happy pup was now filled with terror and panic. From that point on, I knew I had to do whatever I could to make sure these shelters had enough funding to provide the animals with the physical and emotional support they deserve.

  • Q:  How can other animal lovers help give to the animals in the shelters if they are financially unable to give back?

A:  There are so many ways to help animal shelters that do not include monetary donations. Obviously, one way is to volunteer your time. Whether you help make sure the animals have a clean environment to live in, or you volunteer to help walk the dogs so that they can get some exercise and fresh air, shelters are always appreciative of any help they can get. They are also always in need of supplies. I’ve seen several people using their birthday or other special occasions to acquire donations for products that animal shelters need on a daily basis. There are so many options, all you have to do is get creative.

  • Q:  On an annual average, how much are you able to donate to the no kill shelters? Obviously to be able to donate all the money is the dream, but do you have a goal for this year that you would like to be able to donate?

A:  Since this is only our first year of business, it’s difficult to say how much we will be able to donate yearly. My goal is to be able to donate to multiple animal shelters each month, rather than just one. The more this business grows, the more we will be able to donate.

  • Q:  This fall you are launching a new fall line, what was your inspiration for the line? Were there certain colors, patterns, trends, etc. that inspired your fall product designs?

A:  For this line, I was really inspired by the mountains. As a kid, one of my favorite vacations was when my family would go skiing in the Rocky Mountains. I loved the fashion and getting to bundle up against the cold. I’ve included clean lines and rich colors that are reminiscent of those mountain scenes. I’ve also focused really heavily on warmth and being able to get through the cold winter months comfortably. Whether it’s the bag with an insulated pocket to keep your coffee warm, or the ultra-soft mittens with extra grip, every single product is perfectly formulated for winter.

  • Q:  When will your fall line be available on your website and where can my readers find it?

A:  I plan to be able to launch my fall line by October 1st. It will be available on our website (​​). However, for sneak peeks and updates on the progress, we will be updating on Instagram (@allthatitseams) and Facebook (

  • Q:  What types of products will be in your fall line this year? Outdoor wear, handbags, beanies, knit headbands, etc.?

A:  I always like to include knit hats, ear warmers, and other accessories simply because they are essential for any winter wardrobe. The type of yarn I use is extremely thick which allows it to lock in the heat while still being super comfortable to wear. I also have bags that are highly functional and designed specifically for winter.

Y’all is she not the sweetest or what? I did, unfortunately, have to cut some of the questions I asked due to the length of this post. I am so excited to be able to finally share this with you guys as it has been something I’ve kept quiet for the past week or so, but now I’m able to share and couldn’t be more excited! Make sure you check out All That it Seams on all of their links which I will have linked down with mine!! Show Caitlin and her business some love as she definitely deserves it!

A special Thank You to you Caitlin and All That it Seams for allowing me to interview you and to share your sweet business! I sincerely hope we will work together again in the near future and that we would be able to stay in touch! I would 100% promote your business anytime again!! Caitlin you were one of the most genuine business owners I’ve ever met and I truly do mean that!

With much gratitude and love in my heart,

Peace Out Y’all- Kiley

S O C I A L  M E D I A




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All That it Seams Website


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