What the HECK do I wear for Senior Pictures?

Umm… so, suddenly I’m a senior now… How this happened, I couldn’t tell you because I swear just the other day I was in 3rd grade with not a care in the world, except for getting that cursive “G” perfect.

I know that as senior year approached, I was so excited to have senior pictures done! I am a photographer so, getting portraits of myself to use for profile pictures, business pictures, etc. is a rare commodity, haha. I am absolutely in love with the way my senior pictures turned out! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had no idea what to wear for Senior Pictures, but I figured it out and so I am going to show you some of my favorites and I’m going to share with you my advice on what to wear for your senior pictures!


At the first location, I wore a white lace dress and brown wedges. I wanted to wear something that made my summer tan look natural but there, something that made me feel comfortable, something that made me feel confident. I also added a floppy hat that came from the Amish Flea Market for no joke $2. I highly recommend that you wear or take a white dress or a cream dress and brown shoes (wedges are most comfortable for me but its all personal preference). White clothing will bring out the nice summer tan you just got, but won’t make it look fake or too orange. White is also just really fresh and clean so it goes well with almost every background or any location!


For the second location we went on campus of the college I want to attend next year. I wanted to bring my Jessica Simpson heels that I wore to prom because they are just too cute and I wont be able to wear them that often. I decided to wear them with this outfit because it added some color but a settle amount. I wore a white flowy shirt with a white tank top underneath and a black maxi skirt. Again, white is a staple for senior pictures girls! Pairing a white shirt with a black bottom is just very simple, elegant, and clean looking. Don’t add your colors in with designs on shirts, funky pants or skirts, etc. add the color with accessories, but in moderation of course. If you do wear heels like me, just make sure you don’t fall walking down the stairs behind your photographer like I did. Talk about mortifying, not to mention it was a metal staircase making it sound like a horse fell down them.


For the third location we were near a river so, I wanted something super casual. I wore the same white shirt from the second location and then I just paired it with a pair of Banana Republic boyfriend capris, for shoes I wore brown Birkenstocks, and then my floppy hat. Again, wear outfits that you feel comfortable in, confident in, and outfits that scream YOU! I recommend wearing jeans and a nice simple top for a casual look. Pair it with some brown, black, or white sandals or booties. I wore a simple necklace that I wear every single day that just has my initial on it. Don’t wear a big and bulky necklace, keep it simple yet colorful and playful.

I really hope that this post helps some of you seniors or even women who have an upcoming photoshoot! Don’t fret over the little things though, keep calm and just have fun with it! Dress up, do your hair, play with your makeup, put those heels on, and have fun! A photoshoot is supposed to be fun and natural and stress free!

Also if you have any advice for us seniors this year, leave it down below!! Any is greatly appreciated!

Much love,

Peace Out- Kiley

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