The Christians Most Used “F” Word

Wait! I know what you’re thinking! Its okay because I don’t mean the actual F bomb. I mean the word “FEAR.” Fear is a word we all use daily and multiple times a day at that. Fear is the emotion that causes everybody’s life long dreams to just get crumbled under them. Fear is what holds us all back every single day!

Matthew 8: 23- 27 is the story of Jesus in the boat with his disciple’s when the storm came. The disciple’s were scared out of their minds, but yet Jesus asked them in verse 26 why they were so afraid. He says “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” The most amazing thing is that after Jesus asked his disciple’s this question, he immediately calmed the storm and the seas!

Just think about the fear and nerves that Jesus had when he was told that he was going to be crucified! I know that if I ever knew I was going to be crucified, let alone, whipped, beaten, slapped, etc. and then hung by nails through my hands and feet, I would be TERRIFIED! Here is the catch though, Jesus may have been terrified the entire time, but he still went those three days before he rose again to die on the cross for us! He DIED to save YOU, me, that girl or guy sitting at the restaurant booth next to you, he died for EVERYONE!

When we are full of fear, it’s the same as not even giving a care in the world to what Jesus has done upon the cross for us. I know that sounds really extreme, but here is the truth, Jesus suffered on the cross for us to live a life full of forgiveness and love. When we say no to something Jesus is telling us to do because of an emotion or feeling, we’re saying to Jesus that his death didn’t mean anything in that moment. Awful sounding, isn’t it?

Joshua 1Joshua 1:9

So, how do we overcome fear and anxiety? Well, pray about it and ask Jesus to help you understand the steps he want’s you to take first. Pray and praise him, not ask for things, praise his holy name! I have struggled with Anxiety for my whole life and honestly probably will always have some amount of anxiety. I definitely have prayed and asked God to help guide me and have asked him to take away my fear, but God doesn’t have to snap his fingers- make it happen. In order for me to become completely fearless and anxiety free, I have to praise God first and then I need to ask him to guide me down the path of helping me become fearless. over fear over lies

Its not going to be easy, its going to be scary, its going to be confusing, hard, emotional, etc. Just remember that Jesus loves you more than you could ever fathom! He gave his life for you for no other reason, only because he loves you!!

I hope that even if only one person reads this, that they would find comfort in knowing they are not alone! If you’re ever feeling alone and like you are not the same person you used to be, PLEASE don’t wait to get help!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE and JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

Fear is an emotion that you can overcome, but it will take talking to Jesus to do such. Don’t give up just because overcoming this mental illness of Anxiety and the emotion of fear requires talking to Jesus! Jesus is not going to judge you and he certainly will not ignore your prayer. Don’t give the devil his wish.

Stay Strong my friends!

Peace Out- Kiley

S O C I A L  M E D I A




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