I want to start by saying Thank you to everyone who is supporting me with this series! I am so beyond excited to have this finally take off and be in the final works! As you’re reading these series posts, just remember everyone has a different story and the only thing that needs to happen is prayer and support for one another. This is not a place to judge others and their trials, it is a safe place for all to come and feel safe! I want everyone to know some things before reading into this series. The first thing is that I am only writing based on my personal experiences, experiences that I have witnessed, and from the Lords word. The second thing, not everyone’s experiences are the same and I do realize that others will always have it worse off than me, this is not a pity party location, it is a support party location
Like I said earlier, everyone’s experience with a breaking heart is different, but everyone can have the same comfort and love of Jesus in their breaking heart. You see, Jesus died for YOU and for me because he wanted us to have a forgiveness filled life. He wants us to forgive those who need to be forgiven for the hurtful things they have done. Forgiveness is not easy, it never will be. Even if you try to tell yourself that after several years of being hurt, that anger or hurt will slowly fade away. I have some unfortunate news for those who thought that would happen. Forgiveness is choice not an at peace feeling. It can be an at peace feeling if you choose for it to feel that way, but YOU have to decide that!
There are so many different reasoning’s behind a broken heart, some absolutely heartbreaking and some that are simply a personal and internal issue. Now, I’m not saying those issues aren’t sad, but sometimes we just don’t know what people are going through on the inside and we don’t realize how badly they are breaking. For me I have experienced a small variety of heartbreaks in my past 17 and a half years of life. I’ve experienced deaths in my family, I’ve lost close friendships, and I’ve lost a relationship that was special to me.
The most recent heartbreak I’ve experienced was the ending of my very first relationship. It was hard, my heart felt shattered, I felt worthless. (I talk all about this experience in this post: Six things God has shown me through a heartbreak ) So, I want to share the verse that was Gods answer to my prayer after this experience with you because Jesus was the best thing for me during this. In Psalms 66: 10 it says ” For YOU GOD tested us and REFINED us like silver.” You see, Jesus tests us and puts us through tough times because he wants to show us how much we can actually handle. When someone refines silver or anything really, it means that its becoming new again. So when God tests us, he’s making us new again.
When we go through a heartbreak, we feel alone, we feel worthless, scared, hurt, and as if the happiness was sucked right out of us. We all know that we really aren’t alone and we aren’t worthless, etc. Sometimes Jesus will provide us with temporary happiness because the permanent happiness is still in his works. He will not provide us with an answer to a prayer before it is completely perfect for his plan. He is not giving us false hope or anything like that, he is simply showing us that we need to trust him and we need to trust that this temporary happiness is just a glimpse into the permanent happiness God is working on.
While you keep in mind that God is working on the perfect permanent happiness, just remember that Jesus will always experience more heartbreak than anyone on Earth. He is betrayed every single day! He was brutally crucified for US! People would try to hurt him in any way they possibly could. In John 15:18-25 Jesus explains how if the worlds against us then to remember that the world is ALWAYS against him! The reason it is always against him is because he has taken us out of it. HE LOVES YOU and he will NEVER forsake YOU as long as we never forsake him! When people hurt Jesus he did not have to choose to forgive them, yet he did! In Luke 23: 34 Jesus says “Father forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.” It warms my heart so much to know this because I know if I was in Jesus’s shoes there would be no way I could ever forgive that many people!
As you finish reading this first post, I want everyone to know how much you are worth! In the book of Psalms Jesus tells us that we are worth more than rubies in his eyes. In Songs of Songs 4:7 “You are all together beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you.” When God created man, he saw us all as perfection in his eyes! He sees you as a perfect creation and he will always see you as a perfect creation. Even with sin, he thinks no less of us all! That to me is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my entire life! I know that even though my heart is breaking, I still have Jesus right there with me!
Remember that you are WORTH more than you will EVER know! You are beyond loved! Don’t ever feel like you are alone because you are NOT!

Peace Out – Kiley

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