A Life Update…

I know that it has been literally forever since I have even had the time to open up the blog and post a little update, but things have honestly had to take priority over blogging and honestly doing the things I love doing. Senior year is no joke y’all and personally I was NOT expecting it to be this stressful! I have always been told that its the “stress free, care free” year of high school. Yeah…, I am here to tell you today that you honestly should never believe that. Not only has senior year turned into nothing but my life revolving around school and homework and college admission stuff and more school and even more homework and even more admissions stuff, my health has taken a turn for the more serious the last few months. I am not in any danger, however, I am battling this hip issue with a more serious approach since I had a steroid injection done back in the first of September. I had a rough time with that procedure, the doctors didn’t really do anything about it and nothing has been done about it since.

Okay, side note, for those who don’t know what the procedure entails I’m gonna explain it and what the normal effects are. So, my injection was done in a hospital and I had to go to the ward where they do X-rays and CT scans and all of that big and expensive radiology testing. I got there and I had a needle injected into my hip joint that put numbing into my leg (local anesthetic basically) and when they did that, I was told it was going to pinch and burn for a minuet. I however, had SEVERE pain. I was at the point where if it lasted any longer I would have called it quits and said forget it. Once the numbing was over, my whole hip had this numb ache and tenderness to it and then it was time for the actual medicine to be injected. This part did not hurt, but I could definitely feel pressure and movement in my hip. It honestly felt like when your hand goes to sleep and its completely numb and then you pinch it or mess with it. I was able to watch the entire procedure happen and the X-ray tech (all the staff who worked on me was incredible and super sweet) even brought the screen up by my head so I could watch what was going on in my hip joint. Okay so now for the effects and the recovery, when someone has this procedure done, it is supposed to last a full six months and they are supposed to gain relief in about two weeks or so. I however never gained full relief from my pain and I had the procedure done back in September the 28th of September to be exact. I did gain partial relief from the procedure, but it has hands down worn off and now the pain has moved into my other hip and has also worsened since having the injections, so I will be going to see a new specialist in November and I am praying that this specialist is very sincere about helping his patients find the relief they should receive and that he is educated enough to help us find answers to the issue.

I was going to write a post with a small update in it and then do the rest on God and some of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately, but that update turned into a post on its own. Oops.

So ill go ahead and update you all on Senior year while I am at it. Like I said before, Senior year is absolutely the most stressful and time consuming year of high school ever. I was given four college level classes, 2 of which are actually college classes. The other two are normal classes taught at a college level. The amounts of homework I have every night is overwhelming, I can NOT describe/explain how overwhelming it is except that when I come home I mentally cant just do my homework right away like I used to be able to do. I have to make myself take an break and I just do what stuff I want to do then and then I do what I have to do for the next day after I can unplug for a bit.

College, College, College… I can NOT even begin to tell you how expensive  senior year is and guess whos fault that is? Yep, its college’s fault! Okay, but in all seriousness, all of those fees and the loads of money you spend through out senior year has a purpose and it is going to better your education eventually.

Alrighty, this is everything that’s been happening lately in my life. It doesn’t seem like its a lot, but it really is and I’m really thankful for everyone who’s been so patient with me in person and over social media. I am often in a sleep deprivation state of mind and I run myself till I have nothing left to run on, so patience are needed. I am going to try my very hardest to keep the blog going and keep it steady, but there is no way I can promise anything right now, life is just very overwhelming.

With much love and gratitude,

Peace Out- Kiley


P.S. Y’all I ordered my cap and gown today!! I can’t believe I am graduating in less than 10 months! It’s getting real!! 




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