Reflecting With a Healthy Attitude

As another birthday passes not only do I wish I was 9 turning 10 again, but I also really reflect on the past year of my life. Turning 18 today has been a strong reasoning for me to reflect on the age 17 and the past year of my life. There was a lot I went through this year; good, bad, ugly, beautiful, etc. However, its one more year I was never guaranteed to get and I was blessed to have gotten it. It sounds super crazy and cliché. I am fully aware of that, but it is so true and you probably won’t agree until you’ve experienced it yourself.

Sitting down and reflecting is something I really want to make a goal for me this year. It is something I have always tried hard to do, but I also was only trying to accomplish the “reflecting” part of my goal and I was lacking in the “living in the moment” department. I think people try so hard to live in the moment, but they only live in the moments they REALLY want to remember, which is good, but I also think that in order for us as humans and especially as Christians we need to be living in the moment all the time.

As a Christian and especially in the world today, living with a positive and Godly attitude is extremely difficult, but difficult is not impossible. I have started reading a devotional book each day (mainly at night because Lord knows I am NOT a morning person and I sleep until the very last minuet possible.) and the devotional is called the “Live Original Devotional” written by Sadie Robertson. Now, if you know me on a personal level you would know I am completely obsessed with Sadie and her love for the Lord. She is one of my biggest role models as a Christian and especially as a teenage girl whom loves Jesus. Anyways, I brought this up because the first week has been all about attitudes and finding the Christian attitude that Jesus kept. She put something really awesome that I want to share with you guys into such a great perspective and into such an inspiring way. She said “If we are to have a good attitude anywhere near that of Jesus, we have to know what His attitude is, and the only way we can do that is by learning more about him. Keep studying every day…” I LOVE THAT!!!


My Little Helper showing us her positive attitude!

I feel like Jesus is often portrayed as a really snobby, perfect, rich kid, which folks is WRONG WRONG WRONG! He is perfect and he is and will be the only perfect person to ever walk the Earth, but he was the farthest thing from rich and he certainly is not snobby. When we continue to read and learn more about Jesus in the Bible and through the works he preforms today, we continually are seeing how Jesus is the most loving, compassionate, and welcoming individual that is perfect.

I don’t know many people who think they are perfect and are someone who walks up to you with their arms wide open ready to help at any given point. Yes, I do realize how snobby that sounds of me and how stereotypical that statement is, but I know I am not the only one who would make that general statement. However, the cool thing is that I do actually know one individual who is perfect and who will do anything at the drop of a hat with loving and welcoming arms, his name is Jesus.

I brought all of this to the surface and I wanted to talk about it because we are talking about reflecting with a healthy attitude. In order to have a healthy attitude, we have to have a Christ like attitude. It is absolutely hard, but its hard not impossible!

So, lets talk about how to reflect with a healthy attitude now. I want to talk about what we should even emphasize when we are reflecting on something because I know that sometimes when negativity outweighs the positive all we are able to focus on is the negative.

One of the biggest tips I have for thinking more about the positive then the negative is to either make yourself a hand written or typed out list of the valuable things you have learned through the event you’re reflecting on. Also, if making a list is just not working for you, then try to think about where God made an appearance in the time you’re reflecting on.

One of my favorite things to remember this year is an analogy I came up with after I was given the book called “Uninvited” for a Christmas gift this year. I have never read it nor do I know a thing about it, but I am super excited to read it. I thought of this analogy while thinking about the title of the book and the Lord gave me this: “Life is like your birthday party and the enemy wasn’t invited, but God sure was.” If the enemy still shows up then you have the option to either let him come into kill, steal, and destroy, or you have the option to kick him out to the curb.


Don’t let the enemy in your party if you want to help yourself reflect positively on something, it will do nothing except help you do the complete opposite! I hope that this post was helpful and was in some way inspiring or motivating to you. If you are interested in any of the books I have mentioned in the post I will leave a link to them both so that way you can check them out!


We’re reminding you to Reflect Positively!!


I also hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and that you’re staying warm this week in these chilly temperatures!

Peace out- Kiley

Live Original Devotional by Sadie Robertson

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst


4 thoughts on “Reflecting With a Healthy Attitude

    1. Thank you! So sorry I am just replying, I did not see your comment until today due to me having surgery. I don’t think that I am mature for my age, I believe its a sense of chasing my dreams and realizing what it is going to take to get there. Not to mention that my relationship with Christ has matured my faith far and beyond what I even knew was possible. I am confident that I will not regret any of the reflecting, studying, and hard work I do. I know that I am growing and being shown my own strength through it all. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you’ll continue to read my posts! I am going to check out some of your posts now!


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