The downfalls to my job

I would like to make it a very strong point that I love what I do and I would never trade it for anything! Every job/hobby has disappointments and downfalls, but it does not always mean that the job is worth getting out of or loosing. The positives will always override the negatives no matter how hard my job gets!

chase your dreams

I want to state that I do not make a single dime from my blogging and it is solely a ‘free job’ for right now. One day soon, I would absolutely love for that to change for me, but in order to make that happen I have to keep at it. I only make money from my photography and as long as I am not doing photography I do not have any income.

Lets get started…
1. Not having a solid income…
as I stated before my blog does not bring in any income. You could probably imagine how frustrating that can be sometimes. You are having very solid traffic on your blog and yet you’re still making free entertainment for others. It sucks, I am not going to lie, but it takes hard work to make a profit and to make it worth it.

2. Not having solid traffic or a solid audience
Having that solid audience or traffic is what makes your work and effort and time worth it. Seeing your effort being rewarded is the best feeling in the world and when you get rewarded for the work it makes you motivated.

3. Writing for a public platform…
This is both a very positive thing and a intimidating thing about blogging. I am a total people pleaser and I do not like being not liked by someone. When I write about something a bit more opinionated or personal, it makes the job 10X harder than normal. I do not like offending anyone, but unfortunately it is going to happen with a publicly platformed job.


4. Writers block…
Writers block happens almost every single time I sit down to write a blog post and it SUUUCCCCKKKKSSS! I continually ask people for post ideas, but y’all must be invisible readers or just aliens, I am not sure you’ll have to let me know in the comments below! I usually lean on Pinterest for this major problem and usually it will help give me at least a base of an idea. Also a lot of times, the world wide events will give me a piece of inspiration too.

5. FEAR.
Need I say more? I don’t think so. I did mention this in number 3, but it is flipping scary posting some of your strongest and most personal thoughts and opinions online for the world to see! I am so beyond thankful and blessed to have such amazing readers, friends and family who are supportive and loving towards what I publish.

But the lord declared us not to fear.jpg

These are just five things that I find to be the downfalls to having an online job and ultimately in blogging alone. A big part of what I do requires more advertising and behind the scenes planning and preparing blog post ideas and reaching out to companies to help get my business off the ground. Thank you to you if you have stuck around for the past few years of my journey and if not and you’re new, don’t be afraid to join me!

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Peace Out- Kiley


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