When God has Other Plans…


This is going to be a very random, not short, all over the place post about the things that are going on in my life. It will also most likely be one of the last posts from me for a short time. I promise I wont be gone for a long time, but I need to take a break and that’s what ill be talking about in this post.

Lets begin with why things have been far and few between on my blog for the past two months or so. The biggest reason being I had hip surgery two months ago and I have spent my time pretty much relearning how to walk and use that leg. It has been a long journey and I eventually want to share it with everyone but I’m not ready yet and that’s okay. I appreciate the love and support from everyone and I am so thankful to have such an awesome bloggers community!

The biggest reasoning why I have not been posting a lot and why I am in need of a break is that I have burnt myself out and God is calling me in other places. I started out this year with such passion and motivation for this hobby of mine and don’t get me wrong I still love it! However, sometimes passion and motivation doesn’t carry you all the way through because you don’t have your relationship with God in the right place on your priority list.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I have fought and wrestled day and night with God about taking this break for months now. Heck I even planned out posts and I wrote some and I tried to start a second blog series where I would create a bible study for the book of Ruth. The simple reality of those posts and attempted posts is that they SUCKED because my heart wasn’t in it. I knew I needed to post something and I really wanted to just shove through the “writers block” and I prayed that I would find my direction and be right back on track, but that just did not work.

One of the final reasons why I am choosing to take this break from blogging is because I leave for college in August and I am spending all summer traveling which means that I wont be able to spend my summer with all the people I would like to before we leave for college in the fall. My family absolutely comes first in my life (other then Christ obviously) and right now my family needs my full attention more than ever. Also my friendships need some serious evaluating and some strong love. I have been blessed to have some of the most amazing friends ever and I need to take some time to really show those people how much I value our friendship.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I graduate in less than two months and life is about to get CRAZY CRAZY! I am also going to be returning back to school very soon as long as my upcoming Drs. apt. goes smoothly, which means my focus will need to return to my school work and on graduating high school for the next month and a half.

Taking this break is not an easy choice for me to make but I am excited to put my energy and time towards strengthening my relationship with Jesus. Knowing that I will be back soon definitely makes this easier for me and I know that I will be back with some very exciting content! I can not give a time or date of when I will return but just know it will be soon and I will still be writing about my travels this summer and some posts about graduating and high school. So don’t go anywhere if you have subscribed to my blog because this is NOT a goodbye this is a see ya soon!


I love you all and I am so thankful for all the support and prayers, they mean the world to me and I could not do this with out you all! I will see you all VERY soon, I promise! Make sure you follow me on Instagram so that you can keep up with what I am working on and doing on a daily basis! You can follow me here!

Peace Out and much love- Kiley


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