Where Have I Been?

Hello again! Long time no talk… literally! I know it’s been a really long time since I have wrote a post but I truly had to take the step back and let God get in my heart. It was not easy taking a break and I missed writing more than ever but I will say that the break was lovely!

I am not sure what Gods plan is for my blog and for me in general but I do know that I will be starting college in August and I can not wait to share my journey with everyone.

Since I have been gone for so long I do have some very exciting updates to share with everyone! I know one of the first things that happened since being away is my senior Prom happened. I went with a foreign exchange student for my senior prom and we took pictures with my best friend Abby and her boyfriend, Jacob. Then we went and took even more pictures with a group of my girlfriends and we also went out to eat with them before prom. Overall, this night was so much fun and was definitely a night that I will remember forever!

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Next event that happened was I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!! Holy Cow! I can not believe that I have finally graduated from one of the most memorable times in my life. It was such a surreal night! I don’t have many pictures from Graduation night because it was such an insane and crazy night! But I have shared what pictures I do have over on my Instagram!

Life has been CRAZY and filled with so much time spent with friends and family and it has been so nice not having to worry about a thing! Like I said earlier, I truly do miss writing, sharing, and interacting with all of my readers but I knew that I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with God. I am truly grateful that I have been supported so strongly since taking my break and I have gained so many new followers! Thank you to each one of you who has stuck around through everything!

I am not guaranteeing that this means I will be back regularly quite yet but it does mean that God has opened some doors for me and has called me to come back to blogging again. I am excited to be back and I cant wait to see what God has in store!

Peace out- Kiley

My Instagram: @kiley_hbp


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