TEN Travel Anxiety Tips and Tricks

Happy 4th of July (at least in America!) to everyone!!! I hope you all are celebrating with your friends and family by eating the iconic “American foods” like hotdogs, hamburgers, and watermelon!! I know my day will  definitely be filled with a lot of fun and hopefully digging out my patriotism while being on vacation in Pure Michigan!

Today is a post very relatable to the summer holidays and traveling season that I am LOVING right now!! However, traveling brings a lot more anxiety and stress than it does fun and excitement for some people. I am going to be talking about how I manage my anxiety while traveling (mainly driving/ road tripping). I struggle with anxiety a lot (not as much as I used to) and sometimes I feel like it can take over what I am trying to do if I do not have my mind well rested and in a mentally healthy place.

I personally know what feeling anxious and simply stressed out while traveling is like and I have discovered some really helpful things that typically easily accessible for me and are effective. I am going to be sharing my Top Ten Tips and Tricks with you today in hopes that this summers travels will come with more fun and excitement than stress and anxiety for you all!!

  • 1. Music 
    • Having music, if this typically helps you like it does me, helps me just focus on just the music and the road. It helps me keep my mind off the other people in the car and what other noises and conversations are happening behind and beside me. Music also just makes the long drives fun and more exciting, plus if you’re like me, it helps keep me awake. 
    • The next post will be a Summer 2018 Road Trip Playlist!! So make sure to keep your eyes peeled because if you love music you’ll be sure to want to check this post out!
  • 2. A ’Stress Relief Essential Oil’ and ‘Essential Oil bracelet or necklace’ 
    • It sounds ridiculously hippie and just utterly crazy, I know! BUT, just trust me. I promise it actually works! On my last trip, my mom had our old Garmin, “Greta”, for me to follow. Well, like I said, Greta is OLD and Greta gets a bit confused and confused with a serious attitude, at that. We were in Ohio where there is ALWAYS construction and it can get a bit stressful and confusing, especially around the bigger cities like Columbus and Toledo. We ended up lost because ‘Greta’ had a “senior moment” and told me to turn to soon and then she started telling me to drive through gated communities and neighborhoods. To say I was stressed was an understatement. My brother was in the back fussing because I had turned the music down and because we weren’t moving (We were at a red light, y’all.) My mom was trying to help me and we both were so lost and turned around and were both flustered with ‘Greta’ and my brother, Micaiah, that I just got very overwhelmed and just had to take a minuet and get my head straight again and get my map pulled up so I knew where we were going. 
    • NOTE TO SELF**** Next time you, Kiley, drive to Michigan either alone or are the one driving through Ohio. TAKE THE TURN PIKE AND DON’T RELY ON GRETA!! Id rather spend the money on a toll road ticket than get lost like that again. 
    • I am going to leave a link to the website Vitality Extracts Diffuser jewelry here. This is the exact place where my bracelet came from and I LOVE IT!! I will link  the bracelet I own here: Sacred Arrow Diffuser Bracelet . I also have found a few necklaces that are adorable and will link them here: Grateful Diffuser Necklace , Loving Diffuser Necklace.  I can tell you that I personally use the ‘Stress Away’ Oil and I love it! I also use other essential oils, they just aren’t the Vitality Extract brand.
  • 3. Have Multiple Drivers (If Possible) 
    • Most of my family’s road trips are all day trips. We used to live in Michigan and now live in Southwest Virginia and we still go “home” at least once a year to visit our family, if you’re wondering why we do road trips so often or why I went to Michigan. Therefore, my family typically has three licensed drivers who can take turns and drive a portion of the trip. We almost always leave either super late at night (like 11 PM or so) and drive through the night OR we will leave really early in the morning (like 3 or 4 AM) and arrive around supper time. So not only does having other drivers help with stress relief, but it will also allow you to take turns to either sleep or nap or even work like I enjoy doing. 
    • Not to mention having other people in the car makes it less lonely and provides more opportunities for a TON of fun!

  • 4. Taking Advantage of Rest Areas/ Stops 
    • Sounds obvious or like a time damper, trust me, I know! I am a straight through, suck it up, hold it till we get there, kinda road tripper. However, being able to just get out and stretch and get a bit of fresh air, even if it is just to walk into use the restroom, is very helpful. 
    • Plus, if you decide to switch drivers this is a great time and place since you’re not holding up the gas pump line. We all know how impatient people can get while waiting for a gas pump to open up! You could even buy a soda or a quick snack at most rest areas.

    • People are rude and impatient on the road and thats just how it is, its unfortunate, but it is just that way. At least in the United States. PLEASE, no matter how close someone is riding your bumper or your side doors, DO NOT GIVE IN! They are the ones in the wrong and I am pretty sure that even if it did cause an accident you don’t want any tickets for speeding or road rage! If you give in and speed up or get aggressive it could make an accident WAAAYY worse and it could very easily give you the tickets instead of them.
  • 6. Have Snacks 
    • Who doesn’t love snacks and treats?!? I know my family doesn’t know how to road trip with out either a large bag or a bin FULL of snacks, treats, and different kinds of drinks. For me personally, if I have something else to focus on that I can physically hold or chew on then I can usually get my mind off the stress or overwhelming situation thats happening. 
    • Plus snacks make the need to stop for food a whole lot less. At least for me and my family this helps us to drive straight through easier and it creates less stops for us. Well…. it honestly just depends on how many cups of coffee my dad drinks, HAHA.

  • 7. Don’t Leave Home Without Either a Pillow, Blanket, or Stuffed Animal
    • You might be thinking, “Kiley, if I’m driving why would I possibly need a pillow or blanket or a stuffed animal!?” Well, here is why; for one, if your legs get cold but no one else is cold then put the blanket over your legs. Two, its the same concept as when we give a young child a stuffed animal or a blanket. It provides comfort and a gives a sense of home. You might look childish but you won’t be anxious or stressed out!

  • 8. If You Can- Pull Over
    • If you are in just too overwhelmed and none of these other tips are an option or are working, then if you can safely pull over, do so. Take a few minuets to gather your nerves and your sense of direction and then when you when you feel less anxious or overwhelmed, head back out on the road.

  • 9. Have Your Directions Printed and on Your Phone
    • This one is kind of a “no-brainer” idea BUT hear me out! When we got lost in Ohio while going to Michigan, we easily would have been fine had we printed out the map and directions. We would have been able to see where we needed to turn ahead of time and I would have been just fine, but we didn’t and it caused me to get really anxious and just overwhelmed. Thankfully we figured everything out and I had my mom rub some of my essential oil on my bracelet and after a little bit, my jitters and sense of overwhelmed started going away.

  • 10. Have Your Anxiety Medicine Accessible 
    • Obviously we all don’t need anxiety medicine or we just simply don’t have any. However, if you do have the option or the need for medication, then please don’t be afraid to use it when you truly need it. Personally, I am not on any medication for my anxiety, mainly because I do not have a strong enough need for a prescription strength medication and I usually keep it under control really well. If you are like me but you feel like you would benefit from a anxiety medication, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE PURCHASING ANY MEDICATION!! I AM NOT A DOCTOR IN ANY WAY!!!! If you have talked with your doctor and he/ she is okay with the idea, then there are some over the counter anxiety relief medication you can take. 
    • Clearly this is my last tip because, 1. I have never needed this tip. I am simply suggesting what I have heard works for other people and what I think might help some of you! 2. This would not be my “go-to” tip for dealing with anxiety while traveling. If you’re able, I highly recommend some of the more natural and first tips before going to the medicine cabinet on wheels. 

These are my top 10 travel anxiety tips and tricks to how I deal and cope with my anxiety while traveling. For the most part I stay calm and just fine while driving or traveling, but I do have my moments. I am human and I am NOT perfect in any way. I used to battle anxiety much harsher and a small amount of depression when I was  younger, but by Gods grace, he has delivered me from it and I am able to handle things A LOT better now. I still have a ways to go, but I will get there one day soon. 

I love to travel and so I try to never let my anxieties and worries get in my way! Traveling is something I am praying God will place in my job description once I begin my career as an Influencer/ business woman (that is my dream career/ plan). I just want people, especially young teens and young adults, that it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE to still travel the world and battle mental illnesses like Anxiety and Depression. Obviously within reasons and with a mentally stable mind. 

I would just like to give a brief update and sense of what posts I will be putting up and how often they will come out. I will be traveling for all but about a week and a half of July, which means I will be writing my posts on the road when I can. The second trip (July 16- 28th -ish) is a church youth/ family trip, therefore, there will probably not be a whole lot of extra writing time. So do not expect many posts between those dates, I will try my best but I will not guarantee anything. I am currently writing this post while in the car on my way to Michigan with my mom and brother, Micaiah for about a week. My dad is joining us next weekend for my graduation party. I so far have about 3 full posts that will be able to be posted either this week or the next few weeks. I am going to do a travel journal for my Michigan trip on my PHOTOGRAPHY Instagram stories and then I am going to do a full, in depth post probably next weekend on my way home. So make sure, if you want to keep up with my Michigan travels, to follow my PHOTOGRAPHY Instagram to keep up with my travels there!! 

Once July’s travels are through, then I will possibly be going on a shorter, long weekend trip to Georgia at the beginning of August for my cousins bootcamp graduation. If I do go on that trip, it is going to be a girls trip down and back with Sophie and her mom, MaryBeth, and my mom and myself. We will be meeting up with my moms family once we get down there so I don’t know how much time I will have for writing on that trip either. So I have options… Would you rather me do an Instagram story travel journal and save them to my highlights… OR … Would you prefer me to just gather everything and make one longer post once the trip is over??? Let me know!!! 

I haven’t forgotten about my blog, things have just been really, really, really busy but exciting! I am super excited to share everything with everyone, it is just going to take me a little bit longer than normal to get my posts out. 

Thank you for sticking with me, though, it truly means a lot to me! 

Love you all, 

Peace Out – Kiley 



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