The downfalls to my job

I would like to make it a very strong point that I love what I do and I would never trade it for anything! Every job/hobby has disappointments and downfalls, but it does not always mean that the job is worth getting out of or loosing. The positives will always override the negatives no matter how hard my job gets!

chase your dreams

I want to state that I do not make a single dime from my blogging and it is solely a ‘free job’ for right now. One day soon, I would absolutely love for that to change for me, but in order to make that happen I have to keep at it. I only make money from my photography and as long as I am not doing photography I do not have any income.

Lets get started…
1. Not having a solid income…
as I stated before my blog does not bring in any income. You could probably imagine how frustrating that can be sometimes. You are having very solid traffic on your blog and yet you’re still making free entertainment for others. It sucks, I am not going to lie, but it takes hard work to make a profit and to make it worth it.

2. Not having solid traffic or a solid audience
Having that solid audience or traffic is what makes your work and effort and time worth it. Seeing your effort being rewarded is the best feeling in the world and when you get rewarded for the work it makes you motivated.

3. Writing for a public platform…
This is both a very positive thing and a intimidating thing about blogging. I am a total people pleaser and I do not like being not liked by someone. When I write about something a bit more opinionated or personal, it makes the job 10X harder than normal. I do not like offending anyone, but unfortunately it is going to happen with a publicly platformed job.


4. Writers block…
Writers block happens almost every single time I sit down to write a blog post and it SUUUCCCCKKKKSSS! I continually ask people for post ideas, but y’all must be invisible readers or just aliens, I am not sure you’ll have to let me know in the comments below! I usually lean on Pinterest for this major problem and usually it will help give me at least a base of an idea. Also a lot of times, the world wide events will give me a piece of inspiration too.

5. FEAR.
Need I say more? I don’t think so. I did mention this in number 3, but it is flipping scary posting some of your strongest and most personal thoughts and opinions online for the world to see! I am so beyond thankful and blessed to have such amazing readers, friends and family who are supportive and loving towards what I publish.

But the lord declared us not to fear.jpg

These are just five things that I find to be the downfalls to having an online job and ultimately in blogging alone. A big part of what I do requires more advertising and behind the scenes planning and preparing blog post ideas and reaching out to companies to help get my business off the ground. Thank you to you if you have stuck around for the past few years of my journey and if not and you’re new, don’t be afraid to join me!

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Peace Out- Kiley


the most difficult post to write…

I have written and re-written and re-written this probably close to 4 or 5 times, I think I finally just realized I have to just have to write it and not care about what others are going to say in response to this post. My intentions by this are not to start any drama by stating some of my opinions, my only intentions are to bring awareness to abuse and to how strong the victims of abuse really are. God has put this topic on my heart in a very tender spot and I can not shake it, so I knew I had to do something about it. Writing is an outlet for me and it is where I feel safest letting my true feelings out. I also think it is something that makes it harder sometimes because I do post this on a public platform and anyone is able to read it and that is something that is always in the back of my mind. So, be kind and sweet like always and I hope to see you all in two weeks or less!

This past week something extremely impactful in the United States happened. A man named Larry Nassar endured a seven-day court trial after he pleaded guilty to molesting and sexually abusing seven young girls between the ages of 6-15. However, that number only began at seven and over the course of seven days, over 150 young girls and women, parents, spouses, and other friends and family members testified to the judge (who was the most amazing judge I have ever seen or heard of before.) about all of their horrific experiences of being sexually abused by Larry Nassar. Most of these women were patients of Larry Nassar while he was practicing Osteopathic medicine at Michigan State University. Most of his patients were the gymnasts from a well-known gymnastics training gym for elite and Olympic gymnasts called Twistars. Twistars, located in Lansing, Michigan, was just one of the multiple locations where Larry Nassar used his master manipulation to brainwash the young women into believing he was a trustworthy friend and doctor. He definitely was not the typical doctor. He gave these girls presents and he even opened his family’s basement in their home to his patients when they endured injuries that needed immediate attention.

These brave and strong girls endured more than molestation and abuse and that is a fact. When dozens of these girls went to their coaches and parents and even head of MSU, they were told they had mistaken a medical procedure and that there was no way Larry Nassar, the Olympic team doctor, would ever do that to these girls. The parents could not fathom that a man they were trusting to provide medical care to their daughters while most of them were in the same room. These girls have had to live for over 20 years with the shame and the horrifying nightmares and depression that this man has caused.

As an 18-year-old female, a Michigan native, someone who loved the short time they were able to do gymnastics, and as a citizen of the United States of America, I can not even describe the sickening pit I have had in my stomach because of this mans crimes. The fact that such a respected university in the state of Michigan would fail so poorly is honestly embarrassing for Michigan as a state. USA Gymnastics, if I was a mother I would never let my daughter compete for the USAG Olympic team or even on a National team level. To be honest, I don’t even know I would put her in the sport at any level right now and that breaks my heart because when I moved from Michigan to Virginia, I had to stop taking gymnastics after only being involved for a year or so and I regret that my parents did not push me to restart taking classes again once we moved. Lastly, I can’t even stomach the thought of knowing had I not moved from Michigan, I would have continued with gymnastics and because of the stress of the sport on the body, my chances of being one of this mans victims would have been incredibly high. That sickens me to measures I can not even put into words.

To anyone who has ever been abused, sexually, mentally, physically, or emotionally, know that you will be okay because you are stronger than you can ever realize. Also, you need to speak up and I know how terrifying that is and it will never be easy, but if you don’t that increases the chances of more people getting hurt. No abuse is ever okay and no one should ever get away with it, no matter their fame or reputation. If no one listens, DO NOT give up because eventually someone will listen.

To just be a bystander in this last week’s events is heartbreaking enough, but I cannot even imagine what it was like to be one of those survivors who chose to look their abuser in the eye and tell him how they feel. The one thing I have learned this week was that God gives us a life of forgiveness and more strength than recognizable. He will protect you when you put all your trust in him.

This week on Friday, I will be having extensive hip surgery to correct the deformity in my hip and also a labrum tear. I had planned on recording a video blog series and posting those instead of having to sit down and type things out. Sounds lazy, I know, but I am not going to want to have to put hardly any effort into writing out blog posts or doing any of that stuff. I still am planning on recording those to upload during that part of my recovery time, but I probably won’t be posting until at least the week of the 11th of February. I do not even want to promise that because I do not know how I will be feeling or how busy I will be with school work.

Thank you again for all of the support and kindness, I truly appreciate it!

Peace Out – Kiley


Finding a Spouse

I recently asked my friends to give me some blog post ideas for 2018 and I made sure to ask one of my closest guy friends because its not something I would typically think of doing, but I’m really glad I did. He brought up the topic of finding a spouse as a Christian guy, but then I asked him what he meant and how he wanted me to approach this topic. He told me that as a guy, he tends to see guys dating girls just because of looks and because they think a girl is “hot”. This really bothers not only my friend, but it also really bothers me.

As a 18 year old girl, I have had one semi-serious boyfriend and we only dated for a little under four months. It was a hard breakup for me and I’ve talked about it on my blog before, but I ended up learning a lot from it and I’m grateful to have gone through that experience because I learned who I was and what I want to find in a husband when the time comes.

I want to share something that I learned when I went through the break up. However, I know that someone is going to read this and misunderstand my meaning behind my words, so I am going to make the disclaimer before I even say it. The guy I dated was not a bad person and our relationship was just not meant to be. My words are in no way aimed at this person. Now ill share what I learned with you.

“Not everyone that goes to church regularly, says they have a relationship with Jesus, and claims to be an on fire for Jesus kind of Christian actually is.”

So, what do we do when we want a spouse or partner whom sincerely loves Jesus and lives what they say even when you aren’t around? You PRAY! I have to admit that I am not as good at regularly praying like I ought to be, but I am working on it. Prayer is such a fascinating tool we have as Christians because it provides such an intimate time with you and Jesus. I personally have found when I pray ill automatically lift up the guy God has planned for me to eventually marry. Even though I don’t have any clue as to who this person is yet, I still know that I want this guy to love Jesus more than he loves me, I want him to love children, I want him to obtain certain qualities in his personality and character. I always ask God for a guy who loves Jesus more than me because to me that is something I am always going to desire having in a spouse. We also have to remember that Gods plan is far greater than we could ever fathom and God will always have the perfect person planned for you and you have to trust his plan and timing no matter how impatient you may get.

psalm 84

Okay, so when I was trying to plan this post out and just like every other post, I was trying to find scripture to match the topic. I had a hard time finding scripture this time because I didn’t know exactly how to word what I was looking for, but also because in todays society Google is so used to having girls who are broken and lonely asking “how to find the perfect husband”. This makes me so sad, y’all!! Let me tell you why it makes me so sad. First thing is that there is only one perfect person and that’s Jesus. Secondly, its more common than not that these people whom search this are not believers of God and don’t realize they don’t need to “find” a perfect husband because God already has that planned for them.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”
1 Corinthians 13:4


One of the most popular bible verses about love. How appropriate?! Okay, in all seriousness though, this verse and honestly this entire chapter in 1 Corinthians withholds so much intelligence and truth that to me, I would say it describes what love is perfectly.

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put ways of childhood behind me.”
1 Corinthians 13:11

This verse is a very “use it as you interpret it” kind of verse. To me, I picture an annoyed  wife quoting this verse to her husband as he is irritating her. I also could see this being used as a verse of testimony and many other ways. I think that as a future wife, I would  most likely use this verse to grab the attention of my irritating husband. Haha.

“Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.””
1 Corinthians 15:33

As a Christian seeking a spouse, this verse as well as the next verse I am going to share are two verses that ALL Christians who are seeking a spouse need to know. I think this verse more than the next, is a verse that applies to all relationships in life; friendships, employee relationships, acquaintances, etc.

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteous and wicked have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”
2 Corinthians 6: 14

Now, before you think “Oh My Word! I cant believe Christians think they are too good to be in fellowship around non-believers!!” just hold your horses for a second and listen to what I am saying. I completely understand where some may think that Christians think they are too good for those who aren’t, but the truth about this verse is that it is in a chapter about Idolatry. Paul wrote 2 Corinthians as the second Epistle to the church of God in Corinth. Chapter six is a very weird and seemingly out of place chapter, but when its deeper studied it shows that it does fit into what Paul was trying to say. Paul came to the church in Corinth because he knew that the Pagans in Corinth were idolaters. They were worshiping false Gods. That is why Paul went to the church in Corinth in the first place; he more or less is explaining his trip to Corinth in the sixth chapter.

So, now that I have shared some key verses with you and I have shared with you the things that God instructs us to do in order to find the perfect spouse as Christians. I pray that you will take this advice and apply it to your life

Remember to encourage one another as you go through out your days and I also encourage you to take 3 extra minuets and pray for your future spouse today!

be an inspiration

Also a HUGE thank you to my friend Matthew for the topic suggestion and help!

Peace Out- Kiley



Reflecting With a Healthy Attitude

As another birthday passes not only do I wish I was 9 turning 10 again, but I also really reflect on the past year of my life. Turning 18 today has been a strong reasoning for me to reflect on the age 17 and the past year of my life. There was a lot I went through this year; good, bad, ugly, beautiful, etc. However, its one more year I was never guaranteed to get and I was blessed to have gotten it. It sounds super crazy and cliché. I am fully aware of that, but it is so true and you probably won’t agree until you’ve experienced it yourself.

Sitting down and reflecting is something I really want to make a goal for me this year. It is something I have always tried hard to do, but I also was only trying to accomplish the “reflecting” part of my goal and I was lacking in the “living in the moment” department. I think people try so hard to live in the moment, but they only live in the moments they REALLY want to remember, which is good, but I also think that in order for us as humans and especially as Christians we need to be living in the moment all the time.

As a Christian and especially in the world today, living with a positive and Godly attitude is extremely difficult, but difficult is not impossible. I have started reading a devotional book each day (mainly at night because Lord knows I am NOT a morning person and I sleep until the very last minuet possible.) and the devotional is called the “Live Original Devotional” written by Sadie Robertson. Now, if you know me on a personal level you would know I am completely obsessed with Sadie and her love for the Lord. She is one of my biggest role models as a Christian and especially as a teenage girl whom loves Jesus. Anyways, I brought this up because the first week has been all about attitudes and finding the Christian attitude that Jesus kept. She put something really awesome that I want to share with you guys into such a great perspective and into such an inspiring way. She said “If we are to have a good attitude anywhere near that of Jesus, we have to know what His attitude is, and the only way we can do that is by learning more about him. Keep studying every day…” I LOVE THAT!!!


My Little Helper showing us her positive attitude!

I feel like Jesus is often portrayed as a really snobby, perfect, rich kid, which folks is WRONG WRONG WRONG! He is perfect and he is and will be the only perfect person to ever walk the Earth, but he was the farthest thing from rich and he certainly is not snobby. When we continue to read and learn more about Jesus in the Bible and through the works he preforms today, we continually are seeing how Jesus is the most loving, compassionate, and welcoming individual that is perfect.

I don’t know many people who think they are perfect and are someone who walks up to you with their arms wide open ready to help at any given point. Yes, I do realize how snobby that sounds of me and how stereotypical that statement is, but I know I am not the only one who would make that general statement. However, the cool thing is that I do actually know one individual who is perfect and who will do anything at the drop of a hat with loving and welcoming arms, his name is Jesus.

I brought all of this to the surface and I wanted to talk about it because we are talking about reflecting with a healthy attitude. In order to have a healthy attitude, we have to have a Christ like attitude. It is absolutely hard, but its hard not impossible!

So, lets talk about how to reflect with a healthy attitude now. I want to talk about what we should even emphasize when we are reflecting on something because I know that sometimes when negativity outweighs the positive all we are able to focus on is the negative.

One of the biggest tips I have for thinking more about the positive then the negative is to either make yourself a hand written or typed out list of the valuable things you have learned through the event you’re reflecting on. Also, if making a list is just not working for you, then try to think about where God made an appearance in the time you’re reflecting on.

One of my favorite things to remember this year is an analogy I came up with after I was given the book called “Uninvited” for a Christmas gift this year. I have never read it nor do I know a thing about it, but I am super excited to read it. I thought of this analogy while thinking about the title of the book and the Lord gave me this: “Life is like your birthday party and the enemy wasn’t invited, but God sure was.” If the enemy still shows up then you have the option to either let him come into kill, steal, and destroy, or you have the option to kick him out to the curb.


Don’t let the enemy in your party if you want to help yourself reflect positively on something, it will do nothing except help you do the complete opposite! I hope that this post was helpful and was in some way inspiring or motivating to you. If you are interested in any of the books I have mentioned in the post I will leave a link to them both so that way you can check them out!


We’re reminding you to Reflect Positively!!


I also hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and that you’re staying warm this week in these chilly temperatures!

Peace out- Kiley

Live Original Devotional by Sadie Robertson

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Goodbye 2017… Hello 2018

It has been since October since I existed on my blog, but I am okay with that because this year has been a prime example of a hurricane in my family and even in my own personal life. After I did my very first blog series and I got so much feedback on it, I loved it and I did truly meant everything I said in that series, but I honestly think I was prepping myself for my own experiences as I was writing that blog series. I have been through the most challenging year of my life yet and I have had to jump so many hurdles. With that being said, I do know that I have so much to be thankful for and I am beyond blessed and I may sound like I am complaining, but my intentions are not to whine and complain about my petty problems, my intentions are to share my story, share how my year has gone and to help others.

This year I have gained blessings, gained burdens, threw away those burdens, gained blessings in disguises that I didn’t notice happened, I have been through the most stressful semester I have ever been through in school, I have also had to throw my life up in the air all because of something that I was born with and was never caught early on. I have busted my butt to achieve goals and I watched it move like a turtle. To put it more simply, this year was a whirlwind!

When we started the process with finding the issue with my hip last January, we never expected to be in this position like we are today. I maybe expected to have to do a few months of physical therapy and just regular check ups with a hip specialist or chiropractor. I absolutely never expected to be facing an extensive surgery and more PT!

The one thing that I am ready for 2018 to bring on is attending college to educate myself further in Photography. I can not wait! I am really hoping that once high school is over and I begin college I will have more time to work on my photography and blogging, as that is my dream career path.

This year I was really disappointed in myself because I did not manage to keep my blog going, but that also was a side effect of living in the physical therapist office and doctors offices and having one heck of  a semester in school. I am proud of the business advances I had the opportunity to make this year. I made a really great mentor and friend through my blog and we still keep in touch through social media! (Thanks Caitlyn for everything and the best of luck to you on your new business journey!!) I hope that this year will bring me some new and exciting business advances and opportunities!

2018 will be a new year filled with ups and downs, with growth, with blessings, with new relationships, with a whole new rollercoaster of adventures! Bring it on 2018, I’m waiting for you!

I want to finish this post off by saying a major THANK YOU to everyone who has read, commented, emailed, messaged, and all of the love and support! You have made this journey possible for me to embark on and I hope that you will continue to give me that support as I embark on the next journey of 2018!

Peace Out


A Life Update…

I know that it has been literally forever since I have even had the time to open up the blog and post a little update, but things have honestly had to take priority over blogging and honestly doing the things I love doing. Senior year is no joke y’all and personally I was NOT expecting it to be this stressful! I have always been told that its the “stress free, care free” year of high school. Yeah…, I am here to tell you today that you honestly should never believe that. Not only has senior year turned into nothing but my life revolving around school and homework and college admission stuff and more school and even more homework and even more admissions stuff, my health has taken a turn for the more serious the last few months. I am not in any danger, however, I am battling this hip issue with a more serious approach since I had a steroid injection done back in the first of September. I had a rough time with that procedure, the doctors didn’t really do anything about it and nothing has been done about it since.

Okay, side note, for those who don’t know what the procedure entails I’m gonna explain it and what the normal effects are. So, my injection was done in a hospital and I had to go to the ward where they do X-rays and CT scans and all of that big and expensive radiology testing. I got there and I had a needle injected into my hip joint that put numbing into my leg (local anesthetic basically) and when they did that, I was told it was going to pinch and burn for a minuet. I however, had SEVERE pain. I was at the point where if it lasted any longer I would have called it quits and said forget it. Once the numbing was over, my whole hip had this numb ache and tenderness to it and then it was time for the actual medicine to be injected. This part did not hurt, but I could definitely feel pressure and movement in my hip. It honestly felt like when your hand goes to sleep and its completely numb and then you pinch it or mess with it. I was able to watch the entire procedure happen and the X-ray tech (all the staff who worked on me was incredible and super sweet) even brought the screen up by my head so I could watch what was going on in my hip joint. Okay so now for the effects and the recovery, when someone has this procedure done, it is supposed to last a full six months and they are supposed to gain relief in about two weeks or so. I however never gained full relief from my pain and I had the procedure done back in September the 28th of September to be exact. I did gain partial relief from the procedure, but it has hands down worn off and now the pain has moved into my other hip and has also worsened since having the injections, so I will be going to see a new specialist in November and I am praying that this specialist is very sincere about helping his patients find the relief they should receive and that he is educated enough to help us find answers to the issue.

I was going to write a post with a small update in it and then do the rest on God and some of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately, but that update turned into a post on its own. Oops.

So ill go ahead and update you all on Senior year while I am at it. Like I said before, Senior year is absolutely the most stressful and time consuming year of high school ever. I was given four college level classes, 2 of which are actually college classes. The other two are normal classes taught at a college level. The amounts of homework I have every night is overwhelming, I can NOT describe/explain how overwhelming it is except that when I come home I mentally cant just do my homework right away like I used to be able to do. I have to make myself take an break and I just do what stuff I want to do then and then I do what I have to do for the next day after I can unplug for a bit.

College, College, College… I can NOT even begin to tell you how expensive  senior year is and guess whos fault that is? Yep, its college’s fault! Okay, but in all seriousness, all of those fees and the loads of money you spend through out senior year has a purpose and it is going to better your education eventually.

Alrighty, this is everything that’s been happening lately in my life. It doesn’t seem like its a lot, but it really is and I’m really thankful for everyone who’s been so patient with me in person and over social media. I am often in a sleep deprivation state of mind and I run myself till I have nothing left to run on, so patience are needed. I am going to try my very hardest to keep the blog going and keep it steady, but there is no way I can promise anything right now, life is just very overwhelming.

With much love and gratitude,

Peace Out- Kiley


P.S. Y’all I ordered my cap and gown today!! I can’t believe I am graduating in less than 10 months! It’s getting real!! 



Feeling Unloved…

I first need to apologize for taking an entire week off from this series without any notice. Sometimes in life, we all need a mental break and we just have other things keeping us on the go. That my friends, is exactly what happened this past week, but I am back stronger than ever and ready to bring the wise words from my best pal Jesus to you! Todays topic is talking all about what to do when we feel like we are unloved and what happens when we neglect Jesus and the fact that he needs our love too.


I happened to have bought Missy Robertson’s workbook/bible study book that goes right along with her book Blessed, Blessed, Blessed not knowing that I needed to have both books in order to work through the bible study workbook. However, after reading the first couple of pages in the book, I realize that even though we see these well dressed/put together families and or people in society as perfection or as “goals,” it doesn’t mean that they have their lives put together. In her book, the first chapter is all about the differences between Missy and Jases’s families growing up, but yet the Lord still let them put their family difference’s aside and they created a beautiful relationship and eventually started a loving and amazing family of their own. It took love to create that bond and to create the family they now have.

YES! I got the chance to meet Jase this summer along with one of my closest friends Jenna! Thanks again Jenna for helping me this night!

1 Corinthians 13 is one of my favorite chapters in the entire Bible because it describes the characteristics of Love. Verses 1-7 are  some of my favorite verses in the chapter because it talks about why having love in your heart is so important. 1 “If I speak human or angelic languages but do not have love, I am a sounding gong or a clanging symbol.” 2 “If I have (the gift of) prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith so that I can move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.” 3 ” And if I donate all my goods to feed the poor, and I give my body in order to boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.”  These verses are very relatable especially in todays society and world. If we are giving are everything into helping others or doing things and we even have all of the faith in the world, but yet we do all of that in hatred and with a horrible attitude, we will receive nothing in return for all of those good deeds we have done all because our attitude was poop. I think that in todays society, people just do good things to receive the credit and attention, they don’t do the good deeds because they see that someone needs help or because they know that they can make a difference.


In the same chapter from before, I want to know look at verses 4-7, because even though we now understand why we need to have love, we still don’t understand what characteristics create the emotion, action, or word love. 4 ” Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy, it is not boastful, it is not conceited,” 5 “does not act improperly, is not selfish, is not provoked, and does not keep a record of wrongs.” Okay so pause in our verses, these verses are really great examples of how us as a Christian church is supposed to act all of the time. We are not supposed to be mean and inappropriate or keep a record of our wrongs or even others wrongs. So, onto the next two verses! 6 “(Love) finds no joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in the truth.” 7 “(It) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”  I think these last two verses are a perfect representation of what people go through in life as a Christian and even as any person no matter what you believe in. People who don’t necessarily agree with inappropriate things or honestly, just things that you don’t agree with, most likely wont find any joy in those things they don’t agree with, but yet they will rejoice when things they do agree with happen. I also really love verse 7 because life in general is hard; we lose people, we have heartbreaks, we make mistakes, we experience things that are hard, but yet love is the one thing that can conquer all of it!


Love is powerful and it is a very powerful weapon that people take for granted. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of loving someone, they will take that persons emotions for granted and they take their hearts for granted as well. They don’t see the power of taking someone’s heart refuge and then not caring for that persons heart. So, with that information in your hands, I ask that you take 1 Corinthians 13 with you as you walk the halls or streets of your school, work, town, etc. Keep in mind how delicate every persons heart is, no matter how strong they say they are or how strong they act. A heart is one of the most delicate body parts and it takes a lot of people to take care of it. Yes, it is one body and one heart, but people can care for a heart just like they can break a heart.

The reasoning behind the purpose of this picture is because this is my best friend and this picture is a true representation for why we need to love one another. Abby is there for me all the time and vis versa, but if we weren’t there for each other we probably would not have as solid of a friendship as we do with support. 

If you are feeling unloved, just remember that God loves you and that there are people who love you!

Much Love,

Peace Out- Kiley

S O C I A L  M E D I A
Check out my last blog post!! :Abuse…


Todays blog post is a little bit more sensitive than the others. I know that people have a very hard time opening up about abuse and about their abusive stories. I do want people to know that they are not in any way expected to do such. Abuse is something very hard for people to open up about and sometimes its something they don’t even know they’ve been through. Even though things such as abuse happen to those, Jesus still loves those who have been through that stuff.

Jesus knows what abuse feels like; he was abused all the way up to the cross. He was brutally beaten until he could barely breathe. He understands the way it feels to be hurt and beat and abused. You are never alone with anything.

Psalms 147:4 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” This verse right here, describes everything Jesus does for us in life! Jesus will not let the devil keep you in a place if he has every reason to pull you out. He will, however, leave the devil alone if you are not saved, if you don’t trust Jesus with your whole heart, etc. So, when we are hurt or abused or anything, Jesus will not let anyone hurt us with out having a possibility of healing us and binding the wounds.

Through out the entire Bible Jesus tells us that if we believe in him with our entire heart, he will not let us fall so low in life to the point where we can’t get back up. In Matthew 5:4 Jesus says “Those who mourn are blessed, for they will be comforted.” I love this verse because Jesus is basically saying whenever you need a hug, I am there. I know that whenever I am feeling hurt that Jesus is never going to leave my side no matter what.

Abuse is never something to mess with and it is an extremely serious situation no matter what. Peoples feelings are at stake as well as there well being. Jesus can sometimes only do so much for a situation, so, if you ever feel like you need any help; please do not ever feel like you can’t get help! Someone is always going to be there to help you no matter what.

Stay Strong my friends. Don’t give up.

Peace Out – Kiley

S O C I A L  M E D I A

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Mental Illnesses…

This topic can be very sensitive for a lot of people and I in no way want to step on anyone’s toes! However, I do want to make sure that those people know they are loved and they are not alone through this constant fight! Mental health is a serious part of living a healthy life and when we are battling something that can feel like its controlling your life, it is exhausting and it is a HUGE battle!

I have struggled with anxiety my whole life, Internal and General anxiety has always been a big part of my life. I mostly only have struggled with Internal anxiety for the past couple of years, but I have also struggled with some general before as well. Anxiety is something that can be very serious for some people, so bad that it can even stop them from preforming daily activities. Here is the thing though, God died on the cross for us and because of that, he wants us to cast all of our anxiety upon him. He is the one who is mighty enough to handle it all! Whenever we feel anxious, Jesus tells us to pray instead of worrying about things. Philippians 4:6 says ” Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Depression is also another mental illness that not only I, but a million other people struggle with. It is not ever easy and will never be. The only thing that could ever keep me chugging through every day is Jesus and my fake smile that keeps me going. Jesus being my number one fan tells me all of the time that he loves me, but he also loves every person who can take time for him and carry him in their hearts! Whenever I am feeling down and or depressed, I usually always try to quote some scripture to myself. A lot of times I will quote Songs of Solomon 4:7 “You are all together beautiful my darling; there is no flaw in you.” This verse reminds me that I am a perfect creation in the eye of God. I don’t have to worry about fitting in or pleasing others because I know that everyone of us is struggling with something.

I know this post was quite short, especially for me, but I feel like I was able to say everything I wanted too. I want everyone to know that you are never alone! You are never the only one struggling with something! If you ever feel like hurting yourself or anyone due to these illnesses PLEASE stop and find someone to help you! They will never leave you feeling ashamed of yourself!


Peace Out- Kiley

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I want to start by saying Thank you to everyone who is supporting me with this series! I am so beyond excited to have this finally take off and be in the final works! As you’re reading these series posts, just remember everyone has a different story and the only thing that needs to happen is prayer and support for one another. This is not a place to judge others and their trials, it is a safe place for all to come and feel safe! I want everyone to know some things before reading into this series. The first thing is that I am only writing based on my personal experiences, experiences that I have witnessed, and from the Lords word. The second thing, not everyone’s experiences are the same and I do realize that others will always have it worse off than me, this is not a pity party location, it is a support party location
Like I said earlier, everyone’s experience with a breaking heart is different, but everyone can have the same comfort and love of Jesus in their breaking heart. You see, Jesus died for YOU and for me because he wanted us to have a forgiveness filled life. He wants us to forgive those who need to be forgiven for the hurtful things they have done. Forgiveness is not easy, it never will be. Even if you try to tell yourself that after several years of being hurt, that anger or hurt will slowly fade away. I have some unfortunate news for those who thought that would happen. Forgiveness is choice not an at peace feeling. It can be an at peace feeling if you choose for it to feel that way, but YOU have to decide that!
There are so many different reasoning’s behind a broken heart, some absolutely heartbreaking and some that are simply a personal and internal issue. Now, I’m not saying those issues aren’t sad, but sometimes we just don’t know what people are going through on the inside and we don’t realize how badly they are breaking. For me I have experienced a small variety of heartbreaks in my past 17 and a half years of life. I’ve experienced deaths in my family, I’ve lost close friendships, and I’ve lost a relationship that was special to me.
The most recent heartbreak I’ve experienced was the ending of my very first relationship. It was hard, my heart felt shattered, I felt worthless. (I talk all about this experience in this post: Six things God has shown me through a heartbreak ) So, I want to share the verse that was Gods answer to my prayer after this experience with you because Jesus was the best thing for me during this. In Psalms 66: 10 it says ” For YOU GOD tested us and REFINED us like silver.” You see, Jesus tests us and puts us through tough times because he wants to show us how much we can actually handle. When someone refines silver or anything really, it means that its becoming new again. So when God tests us, he’s making us new again.
When we go through a heartbreak, we feel alone, we feel worthless, scared, hurt, and as if the happiness was sucked right out of us. We all know that we really aren’t alone and we aren’t worthless, etc. Sometimes Jesus will provide us with temporary happiness because the permanent happiness is still in his works. He will not provide us with an answer to a prayer before it is completely perfect for his plan. He is not giving us false hope or anything like that, he is simply showing us that we need to trust him and we need to trust that this temporary happiness is just a glimpse into the permanent happiness God is working on.
While you keep in mind that God is working on the perfect permanent happiness, just remember that Jesus will always experience more heartbreak than anyone on Earth. He is betrayed every single day! He was brutally crucified for US! People would try to hurt him in any way they possibly could. In John 15:18-25 Jesus explains how if the worlds against us then to remember that the world is ALWAYS against him! The reason it is always against him is because he has taken us out of it. HE LOVES YOU and he will NEVER forsake YOU as long as we never forsake him! When people hurt Jesus he did not have to choose to forgive them, yet he did! In Luke 23: 34 Jesus says “Father forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing.” It warms my heart so much to know this because I know if I was in Jesus’s shoes there would be no way I could ever forgive that many people!
As you finish reading this first post, I want everyone to know how much you are worth! In the book of Psalms Jesus tells us that we are worth more than rubies in his eyes. In Songs of Songs 4:7 “You are all together beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you.” When God created man, he saw us all as perfection in his eyes! He sees you as a perfect creation and he will always see you as a perfect creation. Even with sin, he thinks no less of us all! That to me is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my entire life! I know that even though my heart is breaking, I still have Jesus right there with me!
Remember that you are WORTH more than you will EVER know! You are beyond loved! Don’t ever feel like you are alone because you are NOT!

Peace Out – Kiley

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