Life Tips Every Teen Girl Needs to Know…

Becoming a teenager in general is really hard for girls in general, then adding in all of the mood swings, uncontrollable attitudes, and feeling like you have to turn your life upside down just to please everyone that matters to you! Even though we know that we don’t have to be perfect and we don’t have to please everyone, sometimes it feels like we do!

I am a high school senior this year and I have been in high school for 5 years now, therefore I have truly learned a lot. My high school starts in 8th grade because we don’t have a middle school in our county, so by the time we have graduated, we all have been through FIVE years of what feels like misery mixed with amazing memories. Those five years fly by though, and everyone regrets not soaking it up even more than they did! Through those years I have gained some really great advice and I can’t just keep that advice to myself!


  • You don’t have to be a perfect Christian all the time
    People will make you feel like you have to be, but the truth is; God knows you inside and out and he knows we are not perfect. I mean- he did create us, right? He should be the one person who could tell us that. When someone tells you that you need to be a better Christian; the first thing you should do is not even give them the time of day! They don’t deserve to waste all of your energy for their own good because that is what will happen! No one is perfect and that is because Jesus died on the cross for our sins because he has an undying and unconditional love for all of us!

    The photos of me in the black skirt and white shirt were taken moments before I tripped and fell down a metal staircase, thanks to my shoe getting caught under my skirt. Oh, and the other picture of me was taken moments after a bee flew right at my face while standing up there on that little ledge. Point is; I am not perfect and neither are you! You don’t have to act like you are because you feel pressure to be perfect.

  • Don’t be embarrassed to pray in public
    Through out my entire high school career I have always been embarrassed to pray in public because I  knew people would judge me. The reality of it all though is that God would be more ashamed of us if we didn’t talk to him because of embarrassment than if we just completely forgot about him. It is just as if you didn’t talk to your best friend because you were embarrassed to be caught with them. Or if you didn’t talk to your best friend because you didn’t see them that day or you were busy, etc.psalm 84
  • Boys will hurt you!
    Even though you get hurt, which will happen, doesn’t mean that the boy who hurt you deserves less than you. People told me all of the time when I went through my breakup “You didn’t deserve him anyways..” That sincerely bothered me a lot! It bothered me because in Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Which means that even he and I have sinned and in Gods eyes we both are children of God. Yes, he hurt me and yes, I probably hurt him, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know that he deserves just as good of a person as I do.


  • Quiet Time is a necessity
    Take that 10-15 minuets of down time that you have every day and read your Bible or just talk to Jesus! Quiet Time doesn’t always have to be sitting down with your journal and Bible and journaling. Quiet Time can simply be worshiping in the car on the way to school or work. Those minuets alone with Jesus will completely change the attitude you take with you through out the day! So it is really important you spend this time with Jesus either in the morning or afternoons!


  • Memorizing Scripture is Key
    Scripture is the one defense mechanisms you will have with you all of the time! It is one of the most powerful ways you can share the truth of Jesus with others! I know that memorizing scripture is not easy for all, but that’s okay because even if you cant memorize it. You can always read it and know what the Bible says, that in itself is something powerful too!
  • Teachers are 95% of the time non-Christians
    Teachers are not supposed to bring up religion unless a student brings it up first, but that protocol is not always taken. Teachers will say offensive things during classes and unfortunately unless you want to get a few days of detention or In school Suspension, there is nothing you can really do about it. I know how much it makes you mad, how much it grinds your nerves, and I know how rude it is. The thing is if you open your mouth and you’re mad or frustrated, you are most likely going to be rude about your tone. 


  • People will start drama with you just to get a rise out of you
    It happens because people are jealous of you and they are childish and most likely have never lived with out having drama in their entire life. Here is the catch 22 though; in high school you won’t have time to deal with drama! No one will except for those kids who seem to never have time for any school related things or those who seem to be miracle workers and juggle everything. So, DON’T let them waste your time by giving them the time of day!!

This post has been laid on my heart for a while but I didn’t know how to create the structure for it and I didn’t know who I was trying to reach through this post. I knew after the first full week of my senior year that I needed to write this to the young teenage girls who are entering high school. High school is R.O.U.G.H. and it is even more rough being a teenage girl who loves Jesus. I know I have always been a people pleaser my whole life, I don’t like feeling not liked, but I have learned through the years that if someone doesn’t like me that doesn’t mean I have to change myself for others. I have lost friends and gained even better friends. I have been accused of things people know I would never do. I have been through a lot in high school, but not the worst things that others have been through.

I will keep all of you girls in my prayers this year!

Peace Out- Kiley

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The Christians Most Used “F” Word

Wait! I know what you’re thinking! Its okay because I don’t mean the actual F bomb. I mean the word “FEAR.” Fear is a word we all use daily and multiple times a day at that. Fear is the emotion that causes everybody’s life long dreams to just get crumbled under them. Fear is what holds us all back every single day!

Matthew 8: 23- 27 is the story of Jesus in the boat with his disciple’s when the storm came. The disciple’s were scared out of their minds, but yet Jesus asked them in verse 26 why they were so afraid. He says “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” The most amazing thing is that after Jesus asked his disciple’s this question, he immediately calmed the storm and the seas!

Just think about the fear and nerves that Jesus had when he was told that he was going to be crucified! I know that if I ever knew I was going to be crucified, let alone, whipped, beaten, slapped, etc. and then hung by nails through my hands and feet, I would be TERRIFIED! Here is the catch though, Jesus may have been terrified the entire time, but he still went those three days before he rose again to die on the cross for us! He DIED to save YOU, me, that girl or guy sitting at the restaurant booth next to you, he died for EVERYONE!

When we are full of fear, it’s the same as not even giving a care in the world to what Jesus has done upon the cross for us. I know that sounds really extreme, but here is the truth, Jesus suffered on the cross for us to live a life full of forgiveness and love. When we say no to something Jesus is telling us to do because of an emotion or feeling, we’re saying to Jesus that his death didn’t mean anything in that moment. Awful sounding, isn’t it?

Joshua 1Joshua 1:9

So, how do we overcome fear and anxiety? Well, pray about it and ask Jesus to help you understand the steps he want’s you to take first. Pray and praise him, not ask for things, praise his holy name! I have struggled with Anxiety for my whole life and honestly probably will always have some amount of anxiety. I definitely have prayed and asked God to help guide me and have asked him to take away my fear, but God doesn’t have to snap his fingers- make it happen. In order for me to become completely fearless and anxiety free, I have to praise God first and then I need to ask him to guide me down the path of helping me become fearless. over fear over lies

Its not going to be easy, its going to be scary, its going to be confusing, hard, emotional, etc. Just remember that Jesus loves you more than you could ever fathom! He gave his life for you for no other reason, only because he loves you!!

I hope that even if only one person reads this, that they would find comfort in knowing they are not alone! If you’re ever feeling alone and like you are not the same person you used to be, PLEASE don’t wait to get help!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE and JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

Fear is an emotion that you can overcome, but it will take talking to Jesus to do such. Don’t give up just because overcoming this mental illness of Anxiety and the emotion of fear requires talking to Jesus! Jesus is not going to judge you and he certainly will not ignore your prayer. Don’t give the devil his wish.

Stay Strong my friends!

Peace Out- Kiley

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What the HECK do I wear for Senior Pictures?

Umm… so, suddenly I’m a senior now… How this happened, I couldn’t tell you because I swear just the other day I was in 3rd grade with not a care in the world, except for getting that cursive “G” perfect.

I know that as senior year approached, I was so excited to have senior pictures done! I am a photographer so, getting portraits of myself to use for profile pictures, business pictures, etc. is a rare commodity, haha. I am absolutely in love with the way my senior pictures turned out! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had no idea what to wear for Senior Pictures, but I figured it out and so I am going to show you some of my favorites and I’m going to share with you my advice on what to wear for your senior pictures!


At the first location, I wore a white lace dress and brown wedges. I wanted to wear something that made my summer tan look natural but there, something that made me feel comfortable, something that made me feel confident. I also added a floppy hat that came from the Amish Flea Market for no joke $2. I highly recommend that you wear or take a white dress or a cream dress and brown shoes (wedges are most comfortable for me but its all personal preference). White clothing will bring out the nice summer tan you just got, but won’t make it look fake or too orange. White is also just really fresh and clean so it goes well with almost every background or any location!


For the second location we went on campus of the college I want to attend next year. I wanted to bring my Jessica Simpson heels that I wore to prom because they are just too cute and I wont be able to wear them that often. I decided to wear them with this outfit because it added some color but a settle amount. I wore a white flowy shirt with a white tank top underneath and a black maxi skirt. Again, white is a staple for senior pictures girls! Pairing a white shirt with a black bottom is just very simple, elegant, and clean looking. Don’t add your colors in with designs on shirts, funky pants or skirts, etc. add the color with accessories, but in moderation of course. If you do wear heels like me, just make sure you don’t fall walking down the stairs behind your photographer like I did. Talk about mortifying, not to mention it was a metal staircase making it sound like a horse fell down them.


For the third location we were near a river so, I wanted something super casual. I wore the same white shirt from the second location and then I just paired it with a pair of Banana Republic boyfriend capris, for shoes I wore brown Birkenstocks, and then my floppy hat. Again, wear outfits that you feel comfortable in, confident in, and outfits that scream YOU! I recommend wearing jeans and a nice simple top for a casual look. Pair it with some brown, black, or white sandals or booties. I wore a simple necklace that I wear every single day that just has my initial on it. Don’t wear a big and bulky necklace, keep it simple yet colorful and playful.

I really hope that this post helps some of you seniors or even women who have an upcoming photoshoot! Don’t fret over the little things though, keep calm and just have fun with it! Dress up, do your hair, play with your makeup, put those heels on, and have fun! A photoshoot is supposed to be fun and natural and stress free!

Also if you have any advice for us seniors this year, leave it down below!! Any is greatly appreciated!

Much love,

Peace Out- Kiley

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An Adorable Business With a HUGE Passion…

I am so thrilled to be making this post and to be able to share it with you today! Let me warn you first though, its a super long one, but its worth every minuet spent writing and reading it! I first want to start this post by saying Thank You! Thank You to those who have followed my blog, to those who have liked my posts, even to those who have simply read my posts! This week has been simply mind blowing to me! I have only been getting around 40 views per post in one week total, this week I have had almost 50 views on a daily basis!! Y’all I’m truly amazed and I feel incredibly blessed!! Thank you so much!!

Okay, so, now onto the really good stuff! I have had the opportunity to collaborate and interview with a super sweet young lady and her even more adorable business! Caitlin Childs is the CEO of All That it Seams. She is one of the most genuinely sweet people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! Caitlin has created the cutest women’s accessories business and the best part of it all is that 10% of every purchase gets donated to a no kill animal shelter in need! I am a huge animal lover and I’m an even bigger supporter of giving back to those, four-legged, fur babies!

                      (This is Caitlin and Bruce! Caitlin is the one behind this really amazing                    mission! The sweet pup you see is her Co-Head of Security, Bruce! Bruce is the pup she mentioned to me the most and so I had to make sure he got a debut too!)

I can not wait to see her new Fall 2017 line, she tells us more about what to expect in that new line this fall! I can already tell you its going to be worth checking out!! Her accessories are absolutely darling and also highly functional so, I know with out a doubt her new fall items are going to be just as darling and just as functional! One of my favorite items on her website now is the Ashley! Its a simple yet stylish convertible tote/backpack and it comes in 4 adorable patterns and colors!

( The Ashley- Gray Diamond )       ( The Ashely- Aqua Stripe )

With out further a do here is one of the best interviews I have ever had the opportunity to conduct! Y’all, I seriously was so nervous about sending these questions off for no reason at all! Caitlin was such a pro at answering these questions and in depth at that! We talk about the beginning struggles, happy memories with our daddies and their sweet advice, saving a sweet fur baby, and all about her upcoming fall line!


  • Q: When did you start your business?

A:  I officially started my business in the fall of 2016. Even though the business is young, we have been blessed enough to receive a different celebrity endorsement with each product line launch. Things like that make me really excited to see where the business is going.

  • Q: How did you come up with the name “All That it Seams” for your business?

A:  I really enjoy puns and so I knew that I wanted the name to have a play on words. Once I came across that phrase, I just knew it was the one.

  • Q: When you first started your business, what was the most effective strategy for you to promote it? Did you see the best results by using social media, word of mouth, posting flyers in town, etc.?

A:  I feel like marketing the business has been one of the most difficult strategies to master, especially because every business professional seems to have different advice to give. Social media has definitely been one of the useful platforms for me simply because I do not live in the area of the country where my target market would normally be found, so I have to branch out and reach out to other parts of the country. Social media is the easiest way to do that.

  • Q: Are you married? Do you have any children? If so, how do you balance family time but still putting the long hours of work in? If not, how do you balance the time you spend with your friends and putting the hours working on your business in?

A:  I have been married for nearly three years now and my husband and I are currently expecting our first child. Whenever my husband agreed to let me stay at home and pursue this business full time, I got to make my own schedule which really helped with the work/life balance. I work while my husband is at work and then when he gets home, I call it quits for the day so that I can focus on my time with him. If there is ever a time where I have several orders to complete or lots of emails to answer, I can always wake up a little earlier to get my work done in time to spend the evenings with him.

  • Q:  Knowing that both of our dads are builders and both started their businesses from the ground up and we saw the struggles of growth first hand. Dads are usually always some of the best advice givers as it is, did your dad ever give you a piece of advice that has stuck with you and has made the biggest impact in the way you run your business? What was that piece of advice?

A:  From the time I was very young, my dad has instilled one lesson into my head over and over again. “Any job worth doing is worth doing right.” It didn’t matter if it was sweeping the floors of one of his new homes or helping my mom with the laundry. He taught me to take pride in every single job I do. I think that helped me tremendously in my business because with each product I make, I take the time to pay attention to the details and perfect them before I ever present them to the customer.

  • Q:  When you first started did you know what type of products you wanted to create and sell? Did you want to create the trendy products or did you want to create products with your own unique style?

A:  When I first got married, I accepted a job as a boutique manager. When I was in that position, I realized that in the women’s accessories industry, there were two categories: fashionable and functional. Those two categories never seemed to meet. Either you could choose from the same generic accessories that everyone else had, or you could choose something super stylish that was not functional at all. I wanted to bridge that gap. I knew that I was capable of creating products that were both useful in everyday life and yet allowed you to showcase your own sense of style.

  • Q:  Has your business always donated 10% of their profit towards no kill animal shelters or was it a difficult process to get started?

A:  We have always done that from the beginning. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I started the business. About seven years ago, my rottweiler, Bruce, showed up at my door. Shortly after, a neighbor called animal control on him and he was relocated to a local shelter. I knew I had to have him so I went to the shelter to officially adopt him. When I got there, I was heartbroken to see that this once happy pup was now filled with terror and panic. From that point on, I knew I had to do whatever I could to make sure these shelters had enough funding to provide the animals with the physical and emotional support they deserve.

  • Q:  How can other animal lovers help give to the animals in the shelters if they are financially unable to give back?

A:  There are so many ways to help animal shelters that do not include monetary donations. Obviously, one way is to volunteer your time. Whether you help make sure the animals have a clean environment to live in, or you volunteer to help walk the dogs so that they can get some exercise and fresh air, shelters are always appreciative of any help they can get. They are also always in need of supplies. I’ve seen several people using their birthday or other special occasions to acquire donations for products that animal shelters need on a daily basis. There are so many options, all you have to do is get creative.

  • Q:  On an annual average, how much are you able to donate to the no kill shelters? Obviously to be able to donate all the money is the dream, but do you have a goal for this year that you would like to be able to donate?

A:  Since this is only our first year of business, it’s difficult to say how much we will be able to donate yearly. My goal is to be able to donate to multiple animal shelters each month, rather than just one. The more this business grows, the more we will be able to donate.

  • Q:  This fall you are launching a new fall line, what was your inspiration for the line? Were there certain colors, patterns, trends, etc. that inspired your fall product designs?

A:  For this line, I was really inspired by the mountains. As a kid, one of my favorite vacations was when my family would go skiing in the Rocky Mountains. I loved the fashion and getting to bundle up against the cold. I’ve included clean lines and rich colors that are reminiscent of those mountain scenes. I’ve also focused really heavily on warmth and being able to get through the cold winter months comfortably. Whether it’s the bag with an insulated pocket to keep your coffee warm, or the ultra-soft mittens with extra grip, every single product is perfectly formulated for winter.

  • Q:  When will your fall line be available on your website and where can my readers find it?

A:  I plan to be able to launch my fall line by October 1st. It will be available on our website (​​). However, for sneak peeks and updates on the progress, we will be updating on Instagram (@allthatitseams) and Facebook (

  • Q:  What types of products will be in your fall line this year? Outdoor wear, handbags, beanies, knit headbands, etc.?

A:  I always like to include knit hats, ear warmers, and other accessories simply because they are essential for any winter wardrobe. The type of yarn I use is extremely thick which allows it to lock in the heat while still being super comfortable to wear. I also have bags that are highly functional and designed specifically for winter.

Y’all is she not the sweetest or what? I did, unfortunately, have to cut some of the questions I asked due to the length of this post. I am so excited to be able to finally share this with you guys as it has been something I’ve kept quiet for the past week or so, but now I’m able to share and couldn’t be more excited! Make sure you check out All That it Seams on all of their links which I will have linked down with mine!! Show Caitlin and her business some love as she definitely deserves it!

A special Thank You to you Caitlin and All That it Seams for allowing me to interview you and to share your sweet business! I sincerely hope we will work together again in the near future and that we would be able to stay in touch! I would 100% promote your business anytime again!! Caitlin you were one of the most genuine business owners I’ve ever met and I truly do mean that!

With much gratitude and love in my heart,

Peace Out Y’all- Kiley

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My Last Post: Starting a Prayer Journal




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Starting a Prayer Journal

Have you always wondered how everyone starts their prayer journals and how they stick with using it? Before I started journaling, I certainly wondered that. I was never really taught how to use a prayer journal, I had to teach myself. I am going to share some tips and tricks with you and I am going to show you my prayer journal.

IMG_8690Starting a prayer journal doesn’t have to be super fancy, organized, and top notch. The notebooks I have in the picture above are simply from Walmart! I think they were like $3 each. I always enjoy having a cute notebook for my prayer journal just because it keeps me motivated and because I take my notebook every where with me and I just want a nicer looking notebook.

I also find some super cute notebooks at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc. If you do check out these craft stores make sure to look online for coupons!! I even know of some people creating a prayer journal binder and they just use loose-leaf and a binder. I personally like having things more compact and in one spot.

Okay so the first thing I even do when I sit down to start journaling is I write the Scripture I am reading through in the top corner. I also will write the name of the lesson if I am in bible study or Sunday school.

When I study or am in a bible study I don’t follow any method. I have tried the SOAP method and I have tried other study templates or methods but I just don’t like them. I feel like I’m not writing all of the stuff down I should be. Therefor, I simply just use bullet points. If I think ill want to remember something later or if I find something really interesting I just jot it down.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in your journal!! I LOVE doodling and I LOVE writing out the scripture or a verse that stands out to me. Hand lettering is one of my favorite things to practice in my journal. Get creative my friend!


I know when I first started journaling I never knew what to write down. My friends let me tell you something! Your journal is all you! You have to figure out what you need to retain or what sticks out to you! Write down silly things if you want to. No one will ever know because your prayer journal is only for you and God to judge. IMG_8695

The pens that I love using are the Pilot G-2 ball point pens and the Pentel RSVP pens. They write the smoothest in my opinion and they are really good for hand lettering. Especially the Pilot G-2 pens. I also will use Sharpies from time to time, they do bleed through easily and so I don’t tend to use them a lot.

I hope that this helps anyone who has really wanted to start a prayer journal but just didn’t know where to even begin. If you still have any questions about starting a prayer journal feel free to comment below or visit my contact page and send me a message! Also I will have all of my Social Media linked down below so feel free to follow me there!


Peace Out- Kiley

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Don’t stop chasing dreams!

I was always told as a preteen to follow your dreams but be careful. Understandable, right? The thing that I didn’t understand was when I was being told to follow my dreams but then read a list the size of the Atlantic Ocean full of risks, do not’s and what if scenarios, was why are you telling me to do something you know I want to do but you don’t want me too. Either tell me go for it or let me dump the hate down the drain.
Being a photographer and running my own business has been my dream for years! I love capturing the beauty of others that they cannot see themselves. I love being able to restore self confidence in those girls and women who have been repeatedly told “You are not worthy enough,” “You are not beautiful,” etc. It has infuriated me that people would even begin to tell others that they are not worthy.
Running a business takes more work than people think and it takes a lot of money to get things off the ground. The beginning is the worst and the best. It is extremely hard and frustrating to build clientele, make money, etc., but it’s the most humbling and rewarding part. I have been told not to start my own business so many times and I’ve been looked up and down just to be told “you don’t look old enough to run a photography business.” When I’m told this stuff, my response is always something like “The lord leads you in ways you would never expect. He loves me more than ever and he wouldn’t lead me to something not beneficial to my life. I love what I do and it’s not easy and it won’t ever get easy, but does anything in life ever seem easy?”
I have been watching a young female photographer on YouTube the past week or so and she has been so inspiring for me. This girl made a really eye-opening point in one of her videos. She was filming a Question and Answer video and she was asked by a high school student who does photography something like “Any tips for beginner photographers?” This girls answer was to never give up and don’t pay any attention to those who can’t see the bright side of your life dream! I love that because she’s right! If no one can see the side of your dreams like you see them, they don’t have the right to be telling you those negative doubts.
Like I said earlier, God won’t put you through something in life that does not bring some sort of benefit to you. He loves us too much, he loves us more than even comprehendible! So, get up, get out there and prove those negative people in your life who are doubting you wrong!
Keep your head up my friend and keep showing people who are doubting you that they are wrong! Remember, YOU are loved more than you could ever imagine!!
Peace out- Kiley


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Six things God has shown me through a heartbreak

Hello everyone! I typically would not do a post like this, but the Lord has laid this on my heart. I went through a break up about 3 months ago and this was my very first real relationship. It absolutely broke me and it hurt me a lot. I loved the boy I was dating and I thought that God sent him to me because I was ready to meet the one I was to spend the rest of my life with. Little did I know, God was trying to show me something else through a relationship that was so special to me. In Psalms 66: 10- 12, God tells us that he refines us like silver. What that basically means is that when we go through a trial, God is giving that trial to us so that he can show us our own strength and then so he can show us how we can become a “new” person when you overcome the trial you were facing. Okay so now I want to share with you six things God taught me when I felt like my heart was in a thousand pieces and my world had just been turned upside down.
I know that not everyone’s situation is the same as my situation was. The reasoning behind my relationship ending was not his fault and it was not my fault. Sometimes God puts people and times in your life but only for a certain amount of time. It sucks a lot but God always has a purpose behind it and I promise you that his purpose is so worth it! God taught me that no one is always at fault for something bad. Even though plans fall through and the guy or women you thought you were meant to be with forever ends up not being the one, they are NOT always at fault. I completely understand that in some cases this is totally not the case and my heart goes out for you!
I have always been a planner and probably always will be. I love writing in my planner and I love trying to motivate myself to actually use my planner but the truth is, I am to dang busy to have to worry about using a planner! Even though I’m too busy to use my way to expensive planner, God never is too busy to use it for you! God has been planning your life out before your great grandparents could have ever thought of you! Therefor (I know easier said than done, but trust me it’s possible) don’t worry about planning your life out! This is something that at first, I really didn’t want to open my eyes too, because I know how hard it is to do. It is still something I’m learning to do but I’m beginning to understand how important it is to trust the Lord with everything you have.
Girls love attention and even boys do too, but I think that attention genuinely just feels more comforting when its coming from someone you love. In my previous relationship, attention was never an issue and we got along well but, all relationships have flaws and they all have bad days. If you ever feel like you are not getting enough attention from your significant other, first stop and pray about things and then if God has told you that you need to address the problem then do it! Just listen to God and stand up for yourself and your feelings. If you feel like God is telling you that you need to end that relationship then listen and obey. He is creating a PERFECT spouse for you and he is creating that person to a “T” just for you!
When I went through this rough time in my life sharing my emotions was honestly tough for me to do. I am usually a very open person and I am not afraid to share my emotions with those I trust. I was very scared to open up to my best friend who is basically my big sister to me especially because I knew that I was going to get flashbacks of memories and that was going to tear me up inside even more than I already was. When I finally did open up to her, I finally just let EVERYTHING out and I think that was the best decision I could have ever made. Another amazing choice I made during this time was to open my Bible and to seek Gods word. Reading my Bible during a rough time is always comforting to me.
Sometimes when we go through exciting and hard times praying is the hardest but the most important thing to do. I know that I become almost speechless when I try to pray during a time when my mind is all over the place. Even though it may seem difficult prayer is still one of the top things that God showed me to do during this hard time. I also learned that I was not praying the proper way like I should have been. When we pray, we should not be only asking God for things or simply demanding things. God does provide for us but we also must show God that we have his back and we share his love with others.
Women should not have to rely on a guy in life! Loving a guy is a whole lot different than having to rely on a guy for the rest of your life. Women are as precious as rubies just like it says Proverbs 3:14. I have always been a very independent person and to be honest, I don’t mind it. I feel comfort in the fact that I can go and do things in my daily life on my own without having an anxiety attack. A guy should be there to love and care for you, not take your steps through life for you. Don’t be afraid to be independent ladies!

God has shown me a lot through this tough experience in my life but I’m grateful he has shown me how to handle it with a positive outlook. I don’t feel any hate towards my ex or any one in his family and we have forgiven each other and are now working on maintaining a friendship. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been what has saved my emotional state and my mental state. Please be positive and respectful if and when you comment and just know that if you’re going through a rough time or a breakup, your life is not over and you are more precious than rubies! God has someone and a plan greater for you than ever thinkable!!
Peace Out- Kiley





Sometimes We Get Down…

I’ve been gone for a week and I really didn’t want to miss any blog posts this month, but the reality is I just have not had the motivation to blog. I am not doing this to force myself to do this when I don’t feel motivated, I am doing this for fun.

I want to talk about my health for this post because it has been not the best this month, unfortunately. I was born with an extra bone in my left foot, it took 12 years for them to even find it. I was in pain for 2 years before they found it after I started complaining about it hurting. They took x-rays, they did tests, my parents took me from doctor to doctor, no one could find something wrong. Finally, we went to a orthopedic podiatrist who took one x-ray of me standing and there it was in all its glory. Come to find out, it had torn tendons because I am flat footed and that’s why I was in so much pain. During the 2 years since I found out what was wrong with my foot, I went to physical therapy but stopped because nothing was helping. I eventually started compensating the pain on my right leg, causing my hip to be in a chronic deep pain. I went to see my family doctor who referred me back to my orthopedic podiatrist. When I went to see, him he took another x-ray of my foot but would not listen to us about my hip (which was the main reason for the appointment), he did manage to find that my calf muscle was very tight but he did not want to consider surgery because he thinks that physical therapy is able to help that. So now I am going to physical therapy 2 times a week and am seeing my family doctor who can do chiropractic adjustments. We have had an x-ray done on my hip but of course it was normal, so currently I am on crutches. We also still have no clue as to why my hip goes in and out of a deep solid pain that sometimes puts me in tears. I seem to hurt worse when I do a lot of standing or walking or a lot of sitting on a hard chair or surface, but of course when I go to therapy I feel almost normal on most days and I don’t hurt until the end but we cannot find where its coming from. If you have ever had a medical mystery you know just how stressful and emotionally straining it is on you and everyone who cares about and for you. You think the worst things possible because that’s just our human instinct.

As you would imagine, being on crutches is stressful. I have had more doors slammed in my face in the last 2 weeks than in my entire lifetime. I have had to rely on so many people like never. As a person with anxiety, I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to having to rely on others. I do not like having my independence taken from me just like that. I get extremely down and sad and very emotional just about every day since I’ve been on these crutches. I walk through the halls trying to have a simple conversation with my friends but I can’t because I am holding my breath so I don’t start crying because I’m physically tired, emotionally drained, and physically in pain. For crying out loud I can’t even walk myself to go pee before class because it takes me forever.

I know I started my blog because I wanted to help others. I know I’ve done nothing but complain about my problems but the truth is I might feel like I’m falling apart but I’m not broken completely. I could always not be able to drive or I could have cancer. I know that’s very broad but the point is I have no problems compared to what some people have been through. When I’m walking through the halls holding back tears, I tell myself “fake it till you make it Kiley!” I force myself to go as far as I possibly can, because I know it makes me feel like I can do it. I can show myself that I can reach goals, it just takes discipline. Self-discipline that is! It takes courage but you can do it, I was never the person to ask for prayers for myself because I felt selfish when I did that. The truth is though, it’s the least thing from selfish and you should never be afraid to ask for prayer. God knows when you’re in need and even if you don’t ask other people for prayer you should always be praying for yourself!! I learned the hard way and when my best friend told me how silly I was being I was humiliated and I realized I’m afraid to ask for prayer because it makes me feel guilty. I feel guilty because I don’t like asking for things, I am one who serves others and will serve others until I am physically unable. Serving others makes me who I am, but God is not going to judge us because we ask for prayer. He will not think we are selfish! So, if you are hurting or are feeling guilty about asking God for help, please don’t feel guilty!! YOU ARE WORTHY and are NOT guilty of anything!!

If you need someone to talk too or want to share your story, please feel free to contact me! You are not alone, even if I was not here, God is!

Peace Out- Kiley


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What’s In My Purse

Hello everyone!! Today’s post is something you ladies who love bags will love! I love seeing what other girls carry with them daily. I am not the girl to carry a full purse or a lot with me to school. I normally carry a purse everywhere else though because I am an over packer and I just like to know I have everything I would need if something were to happen. So, I am going to show you my purse and share all the details with you and I’m going to show you how I keep everything organized! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you’re the girl who carry’s her wallet, keys, and phone into the store or a purse!!

This is my purse, it is from Charming Charlie! I absolutely love it! It is very spacious yet not so big that it hurts my back or digs into my shoulders! It has three zipper sections, the two outside sections have no pockets on the inside, but the main section has two “cell phone” style pockets and one big zipper pocket.

This section has a Thirty-One mini zipper pouch with some Ibuprofen, lotion, a mini flashlight, a hair tie and two bobby pins, and some sample sunscreen. I also carry my mobile phone charger.

This is the other side sections contains. I carry a notebook, my cheap knock off aviators, and my reading glasses.
My notebook was a birthday gift but I love it!! I love all the cool quotes and inspiring words on it.
My reading glasses are Kate Spade and were also a gift but I love them! The most comfortable pair of glasses ever!!
My sunglasses are from Five Below and are just typical aviator style. They aren’t the best quality but they work!

To save room I am putting the pictures in this order and to save your eyes and time. Ha-ha. This is all the stuff I keep in the main section (plus, ladies some lady essentials). I have my wallet (it’s also from Charming Charlie- Double Zip Around Wallet) and a pack of chewing gum.

In the smallest “cell phone” pocket I keep lip products and a pair of finger nail clippers. (top right picture)

In the larger pocket, I keep my phone and headphones along with a billion ink pens.


I hope you enjoyed reading the first post on this blog with pictures!! Finally, right? Ha-ha. Unbelievably it is harder to take pictures for a blog than you would think. If I could clone myself, it would help for sure! I am working on it though, hopefully I can get a bunch of blog post pictures taken and have them ready to put in a post.

I also wanted to mention that as of right now my upload days will be on Mondays and Thursdays. If you don’t see a blog post up on those days, please just bear with me as I am back in school and am starting physical therapy. So, I will probably be drowning in Drs. appointments and homework, so I will try my best to stay on schedule. If you follow me on twitter I will tweet when the blog will be up or if there won’t be one that day!!


Peace Out- Kiley Lewis


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Places I Want to Visit

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to write down almost like a “bucket list” but I want to make a travel list for myself. I wanted to give myself 10 years so that I have time to save but I know in all reality and seriousness I won’t be able to visit every place I want to travel too.

So, the first place I want to visit within 10 years is Australia! I want to specifically visit Brisbane and I want to spend a day at Tengalouma Island where Scooby- Doo was filmed. I would also enjoy visiting Sydney and just doing some sightseeing and touring. My grandma got to tour and visit Australia so I would love to go and to take her back with me and to take and my mom would be the absolute ideal dream, but it just probably won’t happen.

The next place I want to travel too is Japan and I know that these top two are going to be pricey but hey it’s just a bucket list. I especially want to visit Japan because my Grandma and mom both got to visit Japan and I really want to carry on the tradition. I would specifically like to visit Okinawa and Tokyo. Okinawa has a lot of historic places and ruins to visit and Tokyo is a lot more city life and sight-seeing.

The third place I would love to travel to is London and some of Brighton. I really love the polite and traditional way of the English life that Europeans live. I specifically want to visit Brighton which is about an hour outside of London because it’s a cute little dainty town on the shore of the bay.

I want to also travel across the United States a lot more than I have already had the opportunity to do! I have had the opportunity to travel a lot more than any one my age has been able to do. I specifically want to travel a lot of California, I want to visit the beach in Los Angeles, I also want to do some traveling in New York and the North East.

I also would love to visit and tour Ireland. One of my favorite band is from Ireland and I had a close friend study abroad in Ireland a little bit and I was instantly jealous. Ireland is so beautiful and is so unique and interesting and I just love the culture. The music is so unique and so cool as well.

For right now these are all the places and spots I have had on a bucket list for years to travel too. I am sure as I get older and learn more about the history in the world I will want to add more places to this list. In all reality, if I am safe and can travel I will love to travel. If I had the opportunity to just travel for the rest of my life I would totally do it because I love it so much!! If you have any specific places you wish to travel in ten years leave a comment telling me where and why you want to travel there, or if you have been to any of the places I want to go, tell me if you enjoyed them or what was a must-see place!!


Peace Out -Kiley


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