The Dream

This crazy thing called life is something we all endure and when it throws us a snowball we get up and have a snowball fight where you win! You win simply because you have Jesus and your faith on your team and life only has the enemy. The enemy seems stronger when you don’t have Jesus, but its actually completely opposite. Jesus over powers the enemy always!

I share that because we all endure things in life and we all make goals and dreams and we have the desire to chase and complete those goals and dreams, but in reality… we see weaknesses and we quit. I took that as my biggest advantage when I began reaching out to my dreams and goals! I took it as an advantage because I knew I had mountain sized faith in Christ and if God was choosing to open the door for me then I was to enter in the room.

When I began Kiley Lewis Photography (now re-named Hidden Beauty Photography), I had no idea what starting a business would be like. I was 15 years old and I am now an 18 year old who still has no idea what I am doing. I do know one thing though and that is that God has called me here for a specific reason and I am going to keep at it until God calls me else where.

I still do photography, unfortunately my health and senior year of high school has taken a bigger priority right now and I am not able to do very much with it. I am hoping that by this summer I will be full swing taking pictures again!

I have always been a very knowledgeable student in school, but my grades proved that English and History were my two strong subjects of study. I have always enjoyed those subjects, but I particularly enjoyed English. However, I was a HORRIBLE writer and I hated it with a living passion. I would get so jealous and frustrated because I could not write a decent paper like the other students. When God called me to start a blog, I did one of those “Me?! You want me to write and then post it to the PUBLIC?! God are you sure someone else can’t do it?” Yeah, well then I paid for that because suddenly I was writing and I was progressing with my writing ability and it has become one of my favorite things to do. Funny how life works, isn’t it?

My dream for my blog and photography business is to receive my degree in Studio Art -Photography and possible minor with something to do with Social Media Influencing. I then plan to focus solely on God, my family (hopefully a family of my own one day), and make blogging and photography my full time job and be able to work from home. This is a very large, but achievable dream as long as this is Gods plan for me. Blogging does not provide me with any income what so ever as of today and never has, but I am not doing it to be paid I am doing it to share my love of Jesus with young women just like me!

I appreciate everything my readers do and I especially appreciate the prayers and support! I love seeing a community of young women who love Jesus come together to glorify his name!

Here is the link to my photography website! I hope you will go show it some love despite my recent neglect to it! It needs a light dusting.

Hidden Beauty Photography